2021 Latin America EdTech 100

HolonIQ’s annual list of the 100 most promising EdTech startups from Latin America and the Caribbean

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The LATAM EdTech 100 is HolonIQ's annual list of the 100 most promising EdTech startups in the region across the whole learner lifecycle from Pre-K to Lifelong Learning.

HolonIQ’s second annual LATAM EdTech 100 includes EdTech startups from 11 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that are reimagining education access, delivery and impact across the whole learner journey from PreK through to Workforce.


Startups are categorized by their main focus. Categories in the market map are not mutually exclusive.  

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The Latin America EdTech 100 is focused on identifying young, fast growing and innovative learning and up-skilling start-ups working in the region. To be eligible, startups must be less than 10 years old, are either headquartered in the region, or predominately focused on this market (e.g. > 80% revenue/customers, and are pre exit (not acquired or listed) or not a subsidiary of a larger company or controlled by an investor group (e.g. via private equity buyout or controlling investment). Learn more about eligibility for the Latin America EdTech 100.

EdTech momentum is accelerating in the region

Start-ups in this cohort have collectively raised almost half a billion dollars in capital, illustrating the significant traction in the market and investor confidence in local teams. There have been twelve $5M+ rounds by start-ups in the 2021 cohort in the last two years including blockbuster fundraising from online learning platform Crehana, study support and test prep platform, Descomplica and coding school, Digital House.

Brazil leads with a strong presence from across the entire region

As expected, Brazil makes up the majority of EdTech companies in this cohort with 38% of start-ups headquartered in the country. This year sees a broad geographical spread in the region with 17% from Mexico, Argentina at 13%, followed by 11% from Colombia, Chile 8% and Peru at 6%. It is also encouraging to see teams from Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Jamaica in this year’s cohort.

35% of startups less than five years old

This year sees a relatively young cohort with 35% being formed less than 5 years ago, and 12% starting their enterprise in 2019 or 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic with start-ups such as Henry, Driven and Skillhub launching in 2020 and focusing on bootcamp-style tech upskilling. 62% of the 2021 cohort are between six and 10 years old, which is indicative of the time it generally takes for EdTech start-ups to gain traction.

Focus on Up-skilling & Management Systems

Similar to other geographies globally, start-ups in Latin America focusing on workforce learning make up almost half of the cohort as this area remains a key priority for governments, employers and individuals.  Models such as online coding schools and bootcamps offering digital upskilling are growing, with examples such as Dev.f (Mexico), Coderhouse (Argentina), Thincrs (Mexico) and kids’ tech learning, Crack the Code (Peru) through to start-ups focused on supporting tech skills for women, including Laboratoria (Peru) and Programa Valentina (Guatemala).

Education management is a significant segment within the 2021 cohort as EdTech start-ups support schools and universities to deliver digital solutions and also support online administrative efficiencies. OPM models such as EBAC, Plataforma A and UOL EdTech are working with universities to support online education.

As digital becomes increasingly embedded into K12 operations, schools seek better communications systems, analytics solutions and learning environments. Online school management and communication platforms such as Idukay, Knotion are examples along with analytics, student engagement and success platforms such as Nimbi, Kimche and Movva. In the same category, uPlanner provides end-to-end support for universities.


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Track the 2021 Cohort

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Criteria & Methodology

The LATAM EdTech 100 is focused on identifying young, fast growing and innovative learning and up-skilling start-ups working in LATAM. To be eligible, startups are generally less than 10 years old (though there are some exceptions), are either headquartered in Latin America and the Caribbean, or predominately focused on Latin America and the Caribbean market (e.g. > 80% revenue/customers, are pre exit (not acquired or listed) and not a subsidiary of a larger company or controlled by an investor group (e.g. via private equity buyout or controlling investment).

Previous Years Cohort: 2020 Latam EdTech 100

Exits: Since the release of the 2020 LATAM EdTech 100 list, 4 companies have been acquired.

Fundraising: 15 companies from last year’s list have raised a combined $180M in equity funding from investors. 2 raised a $50M+ rounds.


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