90 Women CEOs leading Global Climate Tech Startups

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2023), we’re spotlighting the women who are leading the world’s most promising Climate Tech Startups.

90 CEOs from our 2022 Global Climate Tech 1000 are women. We're celebrating this inspirational cohort and hoping this spotlight inspires action and support for more women entrepreneurs around the world to lead us towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Every year, HolonIQ identifies the top 1000 Climate Tech startups globally. Region by region, we map the most promising Climate Tech startups, both early and late stage. In 2022, we announced the Africa Climate Tech 50, Australia and New Zealand Climate Tech 100, East Asia Climate Tech 200, Europe Climate Tech 200, South Asia Climate Tech 100, LATAM Climate Tech 50, Middle East and North Africa Climate Tech 50, Nordic Baltic Climate Tech 100, North America Climate Tech 200 and Southeast Asia Climate Tech 50. To be eligible, these companies must be startups (i.e. not acquired, controlled or listed), operating in the field of energy, the environment, infrastructure or mobility, and less than 10 years old.

We’re celebrating the women leading these incredible startups as CEOs or Co-CEOs, and the work they are doing to transform the global climate tech system. Through our work at HolonIQ (also co-founded and co-led by a woman CEO), we are determined to play our part in eliminating the gender gap in leadership, entrepreneurship and climate technology.

Despite the progress made in parity for women, there’s still an enormous amount to be done. Our Global State of Women CEOs and Leadership deep dives into the numbers across different industries to highlight the areas making most progress and where much work is still to be done.

90 Women CEOs and Founders leading Global Climate Tech Startups

The following amazing women have founded or lead one of the most promising Climate Tech Startups globally. Building and running a startup is not for the faint hearted with an estimated 90% failure rate and research shows that barriers for women to start or lead a successful business are higher than normal. The women you see below have not only overcome significant odds but are focused on making a difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide. Congratulations on your impact so far and we look forward to tracking your progress over the coming years.

If by chance we have missed a women CEO who leads a Climate Tech company selected in HolonIQ’s Global Climate Tech 1000 Series, please contact us and we will update the list.

Alaa Hamadto

CEO at Solar Foods

Alexia Akbay

CEO at Symbrosia

Allison Dring

CEO at Made of Air

Ambreen Shah

CEO at SPIC Hydrogen Energy

Anastasia Krivoruchko

CEO at Melt&Marble (formerly Biopetrolia)

Anastasia Volkova

CEO at Regrow Ag

Anat Halgoa Solomon

CEO and Co-Founder at Saturas Ltd

Astrid Atkinson

CEO and Co-Founder at Camus Energy

Barbara Belvisi

CEO at Interstellar Lab

Bessie Schwarz

CEO and Co-Founder at Cloud to Street

Carrie Chan

CEO at Avant Meats

Catherine Long

CEO and Co-Founder at Trace

Christine George


Christine Moseley

CEO and Founder at Full Harvest

Clare Reddington

CEO at Watershed

Deborah Gael

Co-Founder & COO at Koolboks

Elizabeth Chan

CEO and Co-Founder at Neptune Robotics

Emma Weston

CEO at AgriDigital

Fengru L.

CEO and Founder at TurtleTree Labs

Hannah Kabir

CEO and Founder at CREEDS Energy

Insiya Jafferjee

CEO at Shellworks

Jennifer Holmgren

CEO at LanzaTech

Jessi Baker

CEO at Provenance

Jessica Verhagen

CEO at Hydra Energy

Joan Salwen

CEO at Blue Ocean Barns

Joanne Howarth

CEO and Founder at Planet Protector Packaging

Julia Collins

CEO and Founder at Planet FWD

Julie Carton

Founder at MATE.BIKE International

Juliette Murphy

CEO and Co-Founder at FloodMapp

Kameale Terry

CEO at Chargerhelp!

Katharina Unger

CEO and Founder at LIVIN Farms

Katie Critchlow

CEO at Nature Metrics

Kelly Price

CEO at Agreed Earth

Keum Chae Min

CEO and Founder at UNLIMEAT

Kristi Knaack Riordan

CEO and Co-Founder at Harvest B

Kumkum Tejpal

CEO at Eco Wise Waste Management

Laura Zizzo

Co-Founder and CEO at Manifest Climate

Lauren Salz

CEO and Co-Founder at Sealed

Lily Dempster

CEO and Founder at One Small Step

Liris Maduningtyas

CEO at Jala Tech

Liron Nimrodi

CEO and Co-Founder at Zero Egg

Lisa Dyson

CEO at Air Protein

Lubomila Jordanova

CEO at Plan A

Maddie Hall

CEO and Co-Founder at Living Carbon

Madhumita Agrawal

CEO at Oben EV

Magi Richani

CEO and Founder at Nobell Foods

Maria Carolina Fujihara

CEO and Founder at SINAI Tachnologies

Maricel Saenz

CEO and Founder at Compund Foods

Marissa Cuevas Flores

Founder and CEO at microTERRA

Megan O'Connor

CEO and Co-Founder at Nth Cycle

Militza Manzano

CEO at Daring Foods

Nancy Schellhorn

CEO and Co-Founder at RapidAIM

Nicole Johnson

CEO at Future Meat Technologies

Nicole Kuepper-Russell

CEO at 5B - Solar Reinvented

Nicole Poindexter

CEO and Founder at Energicity

Niranjana Neelakantan

Co-Founder & COO at TESSOL

Noelia Alfaya

CEO at VEnvirotech Biotechnology

Nora K

CEO at Nuritas

Nuha Siddiqui

CEO at Erthos

Olympia Yarger

CEO at Goterra

Orla Enright

Co-Founder and CEO at The Green Exchange

Phoebe Gardner

CEO and Co-Founder at Bardee

Poonam Bir Kasturi

Founder and Designer at Daily Dump

Priyanka Srinivas

CEO at The Live Green Co

Ramya Swaminathan

CEO at Malta Inc

Rebeca Minguela

CEO at Clarity AI

Rhea Mazumdar Singhal

CEO and Founder at EcoWare

Sanchali Pal

CEO and Founder at Joro

Sandhya Sriram

Group CEO and Co-Founder at Shiok Meats

Sandrine Stouff

CEO at Aerem

Sarah Ellerby

CEO at Nova Pangaea Technologies

Shara Ticku

Co-Founder and CEO at C16 Biosciences, Inc.

Shreya Dave

CEO and Co-Founder at Via Separations

Siyu Huang

CEO at Factorial Energy

Snehal Verma

CEO at Naturedots

Sophie Wood

Founder at Brimstone Design

Srujana Raghupatruni Patnaik

CEO at Cellerite Systems

Stacy Flynn

CEO at Evrnu

Suruchi Rao

Co-Founder at Ossus Biorenewables

Susan Gomez


Suvi Haimi

CEO and Co-Founder at Sulapac

Taly Nechushtan

CEO at Innovopro

Tessa Callaghan

Co-Founder and CEO at Keel Labs

Tsipi Shoham

CEO and Founder at GreenOnyx

Tulika Raj

CEO and Co-Founder at SunGreenH2

Tumi Mphahlele

Chief Executive at I-G3N

Virginia Emery

CEO and Founder at Beta Hatch

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