130 Women CEOs leading Global Health Tech Startups

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2023), we’re spotlighting the women who are leading the world’s most promising Health Tech Startups.

130 CEOs from our 2022 Global Health Tech 1000 are women. We're celebrating this inspirational cohort and hoping this spotlight inspires action and support for more women entrepreneurs around the world to lead us towards a happier and healthier future.

Every year, HolonIQ identifies the top 1000 Health Tech startups globally. Region by region, we map the most promising Health Tech startups, both early and late stage. In 2022, we announced the Africa Health Tech 50, Australia and New Zealand Health Tech 100, East Asia Health Tech 200, Europe Health Tech 200, South Asia Health Tech 100, LATAM Health Tech 50, Middle East and North Africa Health Tech 50, North America Health Tech 200 and Southeast Asia Health Tech 50. To be eligible, these companies must be startups (i.e. not acquired, controlled or listed), operating in the field of digital health, medtech, biotech or broadly health technology, and less than 10 years old.

We’re celebrating the women leading these incredible startups as CEOs or Co-CEOs, and the work they are doing to transform the global healthcare system. Through our work at HolonIQ (also co-founded and co-led by a woman CEO), we are determined to play our part in eliminating the gender gap in leadership, entrepreneurship and education.

Despite the progress made in parity for women, there’s still an enormous amount to be done. Our Global State of Women CEOs and Leadership deep dives into the numbers across different industries to highlight the areas making most progress and where much work is still to be done.

130 Women CEOs and Founders leading Global Health Tech Startups

The following amazing women have Founded or Lead the most promising Health Tech Startups globally. Building and running a startup is not for the faint hearted with an estimated 90% failure rate and research shows that barriers for women to start or lead a successful business are higher than normal. The women you see below have not only overcome significant odds but are focused on making a difference in the lives of millions of learners worldwide. Congratulations on your impact so far and we look forward to tracking your progress over the coming years.

If by chance we have missed a female CEO or Founder/Co-Founder who leads a Health Tech company selected in HolonIQ’s Global Health Tech 1000 Series, please contact us and we will update the list.

Aarti Gill

CEO at Oziva

Aastha Dusad

Co-Founder at MEDdelivery

Abisola Oladapo

CEO at Agnes Health

Achitha Jacob

CEO at Proactive For Her

Aileen Lai

CEO at Healthbeats

Alice Williams

Founder at Ovira

Alison Hardacre

Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Halaxy

Alyson Watson

CEO at Modern Health

Amber Salzman

CEO at Epic Bio

Andrea Campos

CEO at Yana

April Koh

CEO and Co-Founder at Spring Health

Arpi Shah

CEO and Co-Founder at Toothsi

Bea Bakshi

CEO & Co-Founder at C the Signs

Beth Lopez

CEO at Docosan

Bronwyn Le Grice

CEO, Founder and Managing Director at ANDHealth

Carina Reverter

CEO at MeetingDoctors

Caroline Noublanche

CEO at Apricity

Caroline Xu

CEO and Co-Founder at ViGeneron GmbH

Catherine Stehman-Breen

CEO at Chroma Medicine

Charlotte Bradshaw

CEO at Evrima

Charlotte O'Conor

CEO at Capsule

Christina Teo

CEO at uCare.io

Chun Wu

CEO at iCarbonX

Claire Tomkins

CEO at Future Family, Inc.

Clarissa Desjardins

CEO at Congruence Therapeutics

Claudia Ulbrich

CEO at Cardior Pharmaceuticals

Daniella Gilboa


Daphne Koller

CEO and Founder at insitro

Dimple Parmar

CEO at Zenoncoio

Dorothea K.

CEO and Founder at Bot MD

Eirini Rapti

CEO at Inne

Elise Sutherland

CEO and Founder at Stelect

Erin Devoir

CEO at Tempus

Etsuko Miyamoto-Sato, Ph.D.

CEO at FuturedMe

Fang Zhang

President and CEO at Next Innovation

Farzana Rahman

Co-Founder and CEO at Hexarad

Flavia Deutsch

CEO at Theia

Gail Hartigan

CEO at Prilenia Therapeutics

Geetha Manjunath

CEO and Founder at Niramai

Gillian Tee

CEO and Founder at Homage

Ginyu Kwalar

CEO and Founder at Klarah

Giovanna Abramo

Co-Founder at Plenna

Gloria Seibert

CEO and Founder at Temedica

Heba Shaheed

Director and Female Health Consultant at The Pelvic Expert

Helen Souris

CEO at Cardihab

Ifeoluwa Dare

CEO at Healthtracka

Jane Yoon

CEO at Thirty Madison

Jennifer Schneider

CEO at Centauri Therapeutics

Jennifer Schneider

CEO at Homeward

Jenny Derfler

CEO at Air Doctor

Jo Pattabiraman

Founder and CEO at Grow Fit

Jo Viney

CEO at Seismic Therapeutic

Joan Low

CEO at ThoughtFull

Kah-Whye Peng

CEO at Vyriad

Kate Lazarov

CEO at PicnicHealth

Kate Rosenbluth

CEO at Cala Health

Kate Ryder

CEO and Founder at Maven Clinic

Katharine Giles

CEO at OncoRes Medical

Katherine McConnell

CEO and Founder at Brighte

Katherine Sandford

CEO and Executive Chair at UBCO Bikes

Katleen Verleysen

CEO at miDiagnostics

Khawla Hammad

CEO at Takalam

Khushboo Aggarwal

CEO at Zyla Health

Kira Radinsky

CEO at Diagnostic Robotics Ltd

Kirsty Garrett

CEO at Doctors on Demand

Kristina Lynge

CEO at Riverr

Kristina Saffran

CEO and Co-founder at Equip

Levana Sani

CEO and Co-Founder at NalaGentics

Leyla Azizova

CEO at WEMA Health

Lilian Makoi

CEO at Jammii Africa

Lu Gao

CEO at Yuanyin Bio

Maayan Gonnen-Cohen

CEO and Co-Founder at Hello Heart

Maddison Masaeli

CEO at Deepcell, Inc.

Maggie Lu


Manoela Ribas Mitchell

CEO and Co-Founder at Pipo Saúde

Manuri Gunawardena

CEO and Founder at HealthMatch

Maree Beare

CEO at Wanngi

Maria Dunford

CEO at Lifebit

Marie Labus

CEO at Amlo Biosciences

Martina Miotto

CEO at CellRev (Cellularevolution)

Melanie Kansil

CEO at Alyte

Melissa Morris

CEO at Lantum

Merel Boers

CEO at NicoLab

Meriem Ganneau

CEO at Klaim

Mi-Kyoung Park

Founder at One Biomed

Michelle Davey

CEO and Founder at Wheel

Min Irwin

CEO at Reistone Biopharma

Nabiha Saklayen

CEO at Cellino Biotech

Nadine Hachach-Haram

Founder at Proximie

Nancy Stagliano

CEO at Neuron23

Nancy Whiting

CEO at Recludix Pharma

Naomi Allen

CEO and Co-Founder at Brightline

Natalie Copuroglu

CEO at Tani Salud

Neha Samuel

CEO at Fit On Click

Nicole Liu

Founder at Kin Fertility

Nika Stelman

CEO at BenchSci

Pamela Kryskow

CEO at MycoMedica Life Sciences

Pia Garat

Co-Founder and CEO at Eolo Pharma

Pooja Khanna

Co-Founder at Shyft (formerly Mindhouse)

Rayna Patel

CEO at VineHealth Digital

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