HolonIQ is the world's smartest source of impact intelligence to power decisions that matter.

Powering the global impact economy.


HolonOS, powered by proprietary artificial intelligence engines, builds a real-time knowledge graph on the global economy.

HolonOS is a proprietary operating system, powered by an array of computational engines, rigorously trained on the global impact economy. HolonOS + Deep Human Expertise = HolonIQ.

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Every day, HolonOS reads half a million signals from over 50,000 sources in 100+ countries. In real-time, we identify the key strategic developments, organizations and people shaping the global impact economy.

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Knowledge Graph

Everything HolonOS learns is connected to build on our knowledge graph. Human analysts and experts from our Global Intelligence Unit curate the knowledge graph, teaching HolonOS to discover new facts and patterns in the process.

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Augmented Intelligence

Ultimately everything we do is to power global leaders making decisions that matter. We deliver augmented intelligence for governments, institutions, firms and investors around the world shaping the global impact economy.

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Open Source. Community-Driven Projects


Global Learning Landscape

An open source taxonomy for the future of education. Mapping the learning and talent innovation landscape.

GEO Report v15 - Report

Education in 2030

Education in 2030 is a free 60 page report that deep dives through the four drivers of the global expansion in education and identifies 5 Scenarios for the Future of Learning and Talent. Methodology for developing the scenarios is explained and over 100 charts and tables are provided with sources and references for further research.

GEO Report v15 - Report