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Map Markets and Emerging Technologies.

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Size Markets, Benchmark Growth.

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HolonIQ is the premier resource for comprehensive data on the global impact economy and proprietary research designed to empower your team's best work.

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Policy and Economic Development

Identify the growth markets of the future, as well as the impact markets and new models that are reshaping the global impact economy.

Strategy and Innovation

Size the addressable market, quantify demand and forecast scenarios at varying rates of growth. Make data-driven strategic decisions.

Sales & Marketing

Quantify impact with rubrics, ratings and scoring. Power policy, procurement and investment decisions with impact-focused data.

Communications & Investor Re

Buy, build or partner?People, process or technology? Accelerate your digital transformation by understanding the strategic capabilities required for impact.

Investor Relations

Find the right strategicpartners and build deep relationships. Map the partnership landscape and tracknew alliances to navigate the best path.

Anticipate Competitor Strategy

Map your competitive landscape, with your current and future competitors. Synthesize, analyze and visualize for unrivaled competitive intelligence.

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We are proud to power forward-thinking governments, institutions, technology companies, global firms and investors around the world with data, insights, ideas and connections to shape the global impact economy.

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The global media relies on HolonIQ when they need insight and data on the global impact economy. Together with the world’s leading journalists, we’re powering decisions that matter at the intersection of impact, technology and finance.

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