Global EdTech Unicorns

The Complete List of Global EdTech Unicorns

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Global EdTech Unicorns

A unicorn startup or unicorn company is a private company with a valuation over $1 billion. As of January 2020, there are 14 EdTech Unicorns around the world who have collectively raised over $6.6 billion of total funding in the last decade.

CompanyCountryClusterLast Round Date Last Round TypeValuation
ByJu’sIndiaTutoringJul 2019PE Round$5.8B
VIPKidChinaLanguageSep 2019Corporate Round$4.5B
YuanfudaoChinaTutoringDec 2018Series F$3.0B
DuolingoUnited StatesLanguageDec 2019Series F$1.5B
Guild EducationUnited StatesUpSkillingNov 2019Series D$1.0B+
KnowboxChinaTutoringMay 2019Series D$1.0B+
CourseraUnited StatesMOOCApr 2019Series E$1.0B+
iTutorGroupChinaLanguageFeb 2019Corporate Round$1.0B
ZhangmenChinaTutoringJan 2019Series E$1.0B+
HuikeChinaOPMMay 2018Series D$1.0B
17zuoye (一起作业)ChinaTutoringMar 2018Series E$1.0B
Age of LearningUSOnline CurriculumMay 2016Series A$1.0B
UdacityUSProprietary OnlineNov 2015Series D$1.1B
HuJiangChinaOnline CurriculumOct 2015Series D$1.0B

The $6.6 Billion Evolution of Total Funding for EdTech Unicorns

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20% of the last decade's EdTech Venture Capital fuelled 14 Unicorns

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The Complete List of Global EdTech Unicorns

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The Complete List of Global EdTech Unicorns

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