Global EdTech Unicorns

25 July 2018 (Updated). Current Private Education Companies Valued at USD $1B+

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EdTech Unicorns

For a market forecast to be $10 trillion by 2030, education is arguably underweight compared to peer industries for Unicorns or private companies valued at $1B+ USD. Over 250 Unicorns exist around the world across all industries with education making up around ten overall on a like-for-like basis (Started in the prior decade or recently raising venture capital).

If you are looking for ‘Unicorn Elders’, more mature private companies valued at US$1B+, please keep reading and check out The Complete List of Global Education Stocks to find the 110 public education companies, many of whom have a market capitalization greater than US$1B as well.

5 Years of Unicorn Investment

Over US$3B has been invested in these 10 Unicorns over the last five years with China making massive investments over the period. US companies such as Pluralsight and Renaissance have graduated to join their listed or Unicorn Elder peers.

Unicorn Elders

In addition to the 10 EdTech Unicorns and 100 Global Education Stocks are a group of private education companies (not all strictly EdTech) that are valued at US$1B+.

The EdTech Unicorn List

VIPKidChinaLanguageApr 2018Series D$1.5B
17zuoye (一起作业)ChinaTutoringMarch 2018Series E$1.0B
ByJu’sIndiaMobileAug 2017Growth$1.0B
YuanfudaoChinaTutoringMay 2017PE Round$1.0B
UdemyUSProprietary OnlineJun 2016Series D$1.0B
Age of LearningUSOnline CurriculumMay 2016Series A$1.0B
iTutorGroupChinaLanguageNovember 2015Series C$1.0B
UdacityUSProprietary OnlineNov 2015Series D$1.1B
HuJiangChinaOnline CurriculumOctober 2015Series D$1.0B

250 Global Education Stocks

21 March 2019. 

250 education companies with $192B market cap, $79B revenue, $10B EBITDA and 668 thousand teachers and professionals

Future of the OPM. Four Scenarios Later.

14 March 2019. 

Hundreds of industry experts assessed the likelihood and expressed their preferences about the future of the OPM model.

Five Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Education

7 March 2019. 

Despite its over-hyped status, below the surface lie five distinct applications of AI in education.

SDG4 and the Global Education Gap

28 February 2019. 

Mapping the conversation on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for Education

India Education Market – February 2019

25 February 2019. 

$15B identified for 2019/2010 education budget. India EdTech accelerating. Bilateral negotiations with the UK over academic equivalency.

The Anatomy of an OPM and a $7.7B Market in 2025

14 February 2019. 

Part 1. Deconstructing the Online Program Management Model. How we got here, where it’s at and where it might head.

2018 Mega EdTech Deals

7 February 2019. 

07 Feb 19. $3.2b, or almost 50% of all VC investment in 2018 occurred in just 27 deals each valued at over USD $50m.

10 charts that explain the Global Education Technology market

30 January 2019. 

30 Jan 19. Everything you need to know about the Global Education Technology Market in 10 charts

Global Education Technology Market to Reach $341B by 2025

25 January 2019. 

24 Jan 2018. Press Release

Education Blockchain 50. The fuzzy front end.

24 January 2019. 

24 Jan 2018. 50 companies & 6 thematics for blockchain in education, learning and talent.

$6B+ EdTech VC in 2018 – where did all the money go?

14 December 2018. 

13 Dec 2018. Where did all the money go? Mapping all 1,000+ Global EdTech Venture Capital Investments for 2018.

Robo Revolution 4x Education-as-Usual

9 November 2018. 

9 Nov 2018. Four times as many folks prefer ‘Robo Revolution’ over ‘Education-as-Usual’ and they think it’s more likely.

SNHU, Udacity, FANGs shake out the Global Giant Battleground

5 November 2018. 

Major online providers are rethinking their strategies to boost their bottom lines as the and tech giants continue to tap into the education market

Education-as-Usual: 45% Likely. 5% Prefer.

2 November 2018. 

1 Nov 2018. Thousands of responses later, we check the pulse of Education-as-Usual in 2030.

The Anatomy of an EdTech Unicorn

17 October 2018. 

15 Oct 2018. Mapping the evolution of EdTech Unicorns and four growth archetypes they are following

Series-A Global EdTech Trends

10 October 2018. 

10 Oct 2018. The evolution of the Global EdTech Series-A round over the last ten years

Education in 2030 – Russia Votes

5 October 2018. 

3 October 2018. Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Chancellors, CEOs and Investors from across Russia vote on Education in 2030.

Two $5m+ edtech deals every day

5 October 2018. 

3 October 2018. Two $5m+ edtech deals every day

Top 500 Education Mobile Apps

29 August 2018. 

Power to the Learner. Education App Teardown – Part 1

Japan Education Market – July 2018

27 August 2018. 

METI and MEXT launch new initiatives. A new Japanese Education CVC. Tech + Gaming = New Curriculum.

6.7 million US job openings

22 August 2018. 

Post-secondary education design meets labor market analytics

$5m+ EdTech Deal Every Day

16 August 2018. 

15 Aug 2018. It’s not just the mega-deals in edtech setting new records. Q3 is on track to close one US$5m+ deal per day on average.

Global EdTech Investment projected to reach US$6 Billion

10 August 2018. 

8 Aug 18. July 2018 saw over $1 billion in EdTech investment. 2018 is set to be a record year of investment, projected to reach $6 billion.

Global Giants – July 2018

1 August 2018. 

Apple, Facebook and Google shaping up for a 2019 K-12 battle. Moodle and Blackboard Split.

Capital Markets and Education Stocks – July 2018

27 July 2018. 

Strayer-Capella Merger Complete. Reporting Season and Chegg, Pluralsight and 2U shining bright.

Global International Student Flows

25 July 2018. 

International Education in 2030

Education in 2030 – K12 China Votes

16 July 2018. 

16 Jul 2018. K12 Leaders from across China vote on Education in 2030.

2030 Scenarios Voting Summary

11 July 2018. 

12 Jul 2018. 1,000 teachers, entrepreneurs, executives and investors from Beijing, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Paris, London, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Sydney all voted on Education in 2030.

HIQ Global 100 Education Index

11 July 2018. 

A market-capitalization-weighted index of the 100 largest publicly traded companies in the education sector around the world by market value.

The Complete List of Global Education Stocks

10 July 2018. 

12 July 2018. 110 public education companies from around the world valued at US$156B, generating $64B in revenue and driven by 420,000 teachers and professionals.

Global Voting Part 2 – Education in 2030

6 July 2018. 

6 July 2018. Boston, New York, San Francisco and Sydney vote on the Five Scenarios for Education in 2030.

China Education Market – July 2018

2 July 2018. 

China out-investing the US 3:1 in EdTech. MoE announces final accounts for 2017. Regulation Tightening.

Half a million K12 schools and counting

28 June 2018. 

28 June 2018. Putting every school on the map

Global Voting Part 1 – Education in 2030

28 June 2018. 

28 June 2018. Beijing, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Paris and London vote on the Five Scenarios for Education in 2030.

Education Blockchain Market Map

26 June 2018. 

26 June 2018. 30+ Blockchain StartUps working on alternative models for education, learning and skills

The Complete List of Global EdTech Unicorns

11 June 2018. 

25 July 2018 (Updated). Current Private Education Companies Valued at USD $1B+

$10 Trillion Global Education Market in 2030

3 June 2018. 

Education in 2030

Global Drivers for Education in 2030

2 June 2018. 

Five Scenarios for Education in 2030

Building Scenarios for Education in 2030

2 June 2018. 

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Methodology

Scenario #1. Education-as-Usual

2 June 2018. 

Five Scenarios for Education in 2030

Scenario #2. Regional Rising

2 June 2018. 

Five Scenarios for Education in 2030

Scenario #3. Global Giants

2 June 2018. 

Five Scenarios for Education in 2030

Scenario #4. Peer-to-Peer

2 June 2018. 

Five Scenarios for Education in 2030

Scenario #5. Robo Revolution

2 June 2018. 

Five Scenarios for Education in 2030

Reimagining Education: Innovation at the Edge

23 May 2018. 

How innovation at the edges will change the shape of education

EdTech Global Startup Activity — Global Ecosystems Report

6 May 2018. 

290% total funding growth in EdTech over the last 5 years.