Higher Education Digital Transformation Workshops

Assessing Digital Capability to inform strategic decision-making

HEDC Workshop 4

Join HolonIQ for a half-day interactive workshop designed for university leaders who are managing digital transformation across their institution. 

Scheduled alongside our 2022 Global Impact Summits, each workshop will provide a global overview of digital transformation and strategic shifts in higher education and unpack the digital capabilities needed by institutions. Participants will assess their institutions’ digital capabilities and explore the buy/build/partner decision-making framework.

Workshop attendees include senior leaders at universities (both academics and administrators) who are responsible for digital transformation including online learning, technology adoption, new product strategy, the digital student experience, micro-credentials and short courses along with those leading online teaching & learning, digital curriculum development, ICT and infrastructure development.

During the workshops, participants will:

• Deep dive into strategic shifts and global trends impacting Higher Education, and analyze implications for their institution
• Review the Higher Education Digital Capability framework and its practical applications
• Assess and map their institution’s digital capabilities against the HEDC framework
• Explore HolonIQ’s Buy/ Build/ Partner decision-making framework to different use cases
• Engage in peer discussions and build a network of like-minded higher education leaders & innovators


Apply to attend a workshop

If you’re currently working in a university, check out available locations and apply to join a workshop near you.

Workshops are run across half a day, either morning (9am-1pm) or afternoon (1pm-5pm), depending on venue availability. Details of exact timing will be confirmed 90 days ahead of the workshop. Each workshop is limited to 50 participants.

🇺🇸 Boston, USA. 15 Sep 2022
🇲🇽 Mexico City, Mexico. 27 Sep 2022
🇮🇳 Bengaluru, India. 12 Oct 2022
🇦🇺 Melbourne, Australia. 26 Oct 2022
🇸🇬 Singapore, Singapore. 31 Oct 2022
🇬🇧 London, UK. 17 Nov 2022
🇫🇷 Paris, France. 21 Nov 2022
Virtual workshop (date/s TBC)

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Explore HolonIQ's Global HE Case Studies

HolonIQ’s Higher Education Case Studies provide brief snapshots of the different ways that institutions are tackling digital transformation challenges and building digital capabilities all along the student lifecycle. Each case study aligns with one or more digital capabilities identified in the four Dimensions of the Higher Education Digital Capability (HEDC) framework.

👉 Explore HolonIQ’s Global Case Studies

Global Higher Education Network

The HolonIQ Global Higher Education Network connects forward-thinking individuals with information and insights to support and sustain digital transformation for higher education.

Network participants are experienced higher education professionals engaged in strategy, innovation, academic leadership, technology and digital roles in institutions spanning more than 80 countries.

Network participants gain access to regular HE Market Insights, invitations to attend global events and participate in global research, and more.

👉 Learn more about HolonIQ’s Global Higher Education Network

Host a workshop

HolonIQ typically delivers our HE workshops on university campus’, which can provide the opportunity for more of your team members to attend. If you are open to hosting a workshop, please let us know below by including relevant information about the room (eg. size, url, address etc) and we’ll reach out to you.

Requirements: workshop room for minimum 50 people; movable chairs and tables; wall space for posters and sticky notes; projector and screen.

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