China and India 70% of Global EdTech Venture Capital

The major engines of change in a global world are knowledge and information. Education is the fuel for these changes and together, China and India are investing more in education innovation than anywhere else.

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30% of the world's learners hail from two of the world's top three economies - China and India. It's no surprise these two powerhouses are investing heavily in education and together now represent more than 70% of global EdTech venture capital.

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China and India are the two fastest growing EdTech investment markets globally.

With learner populations of around 1.4 billion (each), China and India house 9 out of the 10 global EdTech unicorns. In 2018, together they represented more than 70% of global EdTech venture capital investment.

Share of world GDP (PPPs) from 2016 to 2050

The US and Europe will steadily lose ground to China and India

The world economy is estimated to more than double in size by 2050. Far outpacing population growth, this is primarily due to accelerating technology-driven growth. Emerging markets (E7) are expected to grow around twice as fast as advanced economies (G7) and as a result, the largest economies in the world are projected to be China (1st), India (2nd) and the US (3rd).

Source: IMF estimates, PwC analysis for projections to 2050

Share of world GDP (PPPs) from 2016 to 2050
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