2021 Israel EdTech 50

HolonIQ’s annual list of the 50 most promising EdTech startups from Israel

2021 Israel EdTech 50

The Israel EdTech 50 is HolonIQ's inaugural list of the 50 most promising EdTech startups in the 'Startup Nation' of Israel.

HolonIQ’s inaugural Israel EdTech 50 includes startups based in Israel. From uses of advanced technology in learning to workforce up-skilling, STEAM, assessment and digital content, startups in the 2021 cohort are delivering value to learners and institutions across the learner journey and making an impact globally.

Startups are categorized by their main focus. Categories in the market map are not mutually exclusive. 

2021 EdTech Badges

Most Promising EdTech 50

Using the HolonIQ platform, our Intelligence Unit team and market experts selected these 50 digital education companies out of almost 500 EdTech startups from Israel, based on HolonIQ’s scoring fingerprint that includes capital, team, market, product and momentum.

Strong mix of early, mid and late stage EdTech

The founded year of the 2021 cohort shows a balanced mix of early, mid and later stage startups, indicative of all strong innovation ecosystems. Established startups such as ThriveDX and Mindojo continued to make a global impact, along with teams such as JoyTunes. Over one quarter of the 2021 list have only been established for three years or less, with a mix of focus areas from advanced technology (NOVOS, Thinking Cap Innovations) to workforce focused startups such as coaching platform GrowthSpace and K12 instructional platform Tailor-ED. Growth-stage startups such as Gloat and Cyberbit (both 6 years old) are raising big funding rounds as they take to the global stage.

Broad sector footprint. Half & half B2B/D2C.

A quarter of the 2021 Israel EdTech 50 are supporting workforce upskilling and talent, with startups such as eLoops, Juno Journey and Edocate focusing on areas such as employee engagement, management and professional training. Management systems represent 16% of the list with teams supporting institutions and organizations with learning management systems (Centrical), analytics (Keepers Child Safety) and school management solutions (Kindix).

Advanced technologies and STEM is a traditional area of strength in the Israeli ecosystem, and the 2021 illustrates this focus across different categories from teams such as EdocateInceptionXR, Sense and TekkieUni.


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Track the 2021 Cohort

HolonIQ customers can track the 50 most promising EdTech startups in Israel on the intelligence platform. Look for the 2021 Israel EdTech 50 list in the Lists tab of the Organizations page. Request a Demo if you are not a customer and would like to learn more.

Criteria & Methodology

The Israel EdTech 50 is focused on identifying young, fast growing and innovative learning and up-skilling start-ups working in the region. To be eligible, startups are generally less than 10 years old (though there are some exceptions), are either headquartered in Israel, or predominately focused on this market (e.g. > 80% revenue/customers, are pre exit (not acquired or listed) and not a subsidiary of a larger company or controlled by an investor group (e.g. via private equity buyout or controlling investment).

Where is this data coming from?

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