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$3.8B of Venture Capital in ~27 EdTech Rounds > $50m USD in 2018

Education is a $6T industry growing to $8T by 2025.

Expenditure on education and training from governments, parents, individuals and corporates continues to grow to historic levels and is expected to reach USD$10T by 2030.

Driven by 350m more secondary and 150m more post secondary students by 2025.

By 2025 there will be half a billion more school and university graduates in the world than today, driven primarily by population growth in developing countries. How will current models of education deliver to the scale, quality and speed required?

However, education is starved of capital compared with other sectors.

Innovation requires capital. Governments are struggling to fund education to previous levels and education is not drawing on enough private capital to fund the innovation that’s needed. Public-Private Partnerships will be critical to supporting future growth, innovation and access to education.

It is also grossly under digitised, with less than 3% of global education expenditure on technology.

As a sector, education is a digital laggard with less than 3% of overall expenditure allocated to digital, presenting a serious challenge given the scale of what’s to come.

Digital spend is changing fast, though - forecast to grow to $342b by 2025.

In 2018, education spent $142b on digital. While this is forecast to grow to $342b by 2025, it is still less than 5% of overall expenditure.

Advanced technologies will embed into education delivery and learning processes.

Applications of advanced technology in education and learning will begin to hit their strides by 2025 with AR/VR and Artificial Intelligence becoming increasingly integrated into core education delivery and learning processes. Most likely starting in the corporate and non-accredited sectors.

At the same time, Venture Capital invested $8b in 2018, up from $2b in 2014.

Venture Capital investors can see the favourable dynamics of the global education and training market, investing $8b in 2018, up from $2b in 2014. This is set to grow, but is not evenly spread across the globe.

A key driver of growth in VC investment is China, making up over 50% of all Global VC investment in 2018.

China, with the largest education market in the world, has led education VC investment growth over the past five years. China now makes up over 50% of all Global VC investment in education, the USA 20%, India, 10% and Europe 8%.

VC investment drives IPOs, which are expected to number 100+ with Market Cap’s > $1B by 2025.

Venture Capital investment ultimately drives exits in the form of public listings. In 2015 there were 10 education IPO’s with Market Cap’s > $1B, growing to 30 in 2018 and expected to be 100+ by 2025.

50 companies & 6 thematics for blockchain in education, learning and talent.

New applications of the blockchain for education and talent are still emerging in this ‘fuzzy front end’ of the innovation cycle. HolonIQ has been keeping an eye on emerging models, use cases and start-ups operating this is space and have published our first 2019 Education Blockchain Market Map, which identifies 50 companies working across six thematic areas.

Mapping $6B+ EdTech VC in 2018

Where did all the money go? Mapping all 1,000+ Global EdTech Venture Capital Investments for 2018.

Robo Revolution vs Education as Usual

Four times as many folks prefer ‘Robo Revolution’ over ‘Education-as-Usual’ and they think it’s more likely.

Robo Revolution Role Perspectives

50/50 education doesn't change in the next 12 years?

Education as Usual. Role Perspectives.

Education as Usual. Country Perspectives

EdTech Unicorns - $4B Invested Capital

EdTech Unicorn Funding Evolution

Four EdTech Unicorn Archetypes

EdTech Series A - Global Evolution

Q3 2018 EdTech Deal Flow Snapshot

Smartphone Users in G20 Countries

Mobile OS Market Share in G20 Countries

Top 500 Education Mobile Apps

Power to the Learner. Education App Teardown – Part 1

Education in 2030. Global Preferences

6.7 million US job openings

UK Labor Landscape

German Labor Landscape

$5m+ EdTech Deal Every Day

It’s not just the mega-deals in edtech setting new records. Q3 is on track to close one US$5m+ deal per day on average.

July 2018 was a US$1 billion EdTech venture investment month globally. This brings 2018 to US$4 billion year to date – on track to deliver US$6 billion for the full year based on this momentum but assuming we won’t see a repeat of July in the next five months. Globally, July’s investments are nearly as much as the average annual US investment over the past five years in a single month. July saw a number of late stage venture rounds in China, the US and India with a strong block of Series B rounds including the UK. China invested US$600 million, the US close to US$300 million and India over US$120 million, building on strong momentum.

Global Flows - 7 Million International Students by 2030

Global Student Flows

East Asia Outbound

North America Outbound

South Asia Outbound

Arab States Outbound

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US Inbound

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Education in 2030 K12 China Votes

What will Education look like in 2030? Following our first round of global events sharing 5 Scenarios for Education in 2030, we uncovered more insights this week on how the world is thinking about the future of Education at JMDEdu’s GET Summer Conference in Beijing.

Updated China Votes for Education in 2030

100 companies valued at US$150B powered by 450,000 teachers and professionals

China and US Headquartered companies make up almost 70% of the total Market Cap

Global Education Market Cap is only 3% of Global Expenditure vs 50% in Healthcare

10 Global Education Stocks

250,000 Chinese Schools


North East




100,000 US Schools


Beijing - Robo Revolution














Education Blockchain Market Map

30+ Blockchain StartUps working on alternative models for education, learning and skills

Global EdTech Unicorns

5 Years of Unicorn Investment

Unicorn Elders