Global HealthTech Unicorns

The Complete List of Global HealthTech Unicorns

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Global HealthTech Unicorns

A unicorn startup or unicorn company is a private company with a valuation over $1 billion USD. Unicorns are ‘startups’, i.e they do not include post-exit, acquired or listed companies, nor do they include ‘mature’ incumbents.

As of 30 May 2022, there are 93 HealthTech Unicorns around the world who are now collectively valued at $228B.

Reify HealthOuraClarify HealthIntelyCareNexHealthBostonGene and Biofourmis joined the list in Apr 2022.

BenevolentAI left the list in Apr 2022 via SPAC.

Somatus and Omada Health joined the list in Feb 2022.

Saliogen TherapeuticsAthelasAthletic Greens and Transcarent joined the list in Jan 2022.

Pristyn Care and Cadence Solutions joined the list in Dec 2021.

EQRx left the list in Dec 2021 via IPO.

Pear Therapeutics was acquired by Thimble Point (SPAC) in Dec 2021.

AbogenSWORD HealthCurefit and Papa joined the list in Nov 2021.

Elemy, Dental Monitoring, and Truepill joined the list in Oct 2021.

VillageMD was acquired by Walgreens Boots Alliance in Oct 2021.

Babylon Health and Oxford Nanopore Technologies left the list in Oct 2021 via IPO.

Spring HealthMammoth Biosciences and TrialSpark joined the list in Sep 2021.

Ginkgo BioWorks left the list in Sep 2021 via IPO.

Maven Clinic joined the list in Aug 2021.

Grail was acquired by Illumina in Aug 2021.

Rani TherapeuticsLyell Immunopharma and Brii Biosciences left the list in Jul 2021 via IPO.

PharmEasy, Prime Medicine, CerebralSonderMindCarbon HealthYaoshibang and dMed Biopharmaceutical joined the list in Jun – Jul 2021.

ATAI Life Sciences and Bright Health left the list in Jun 2021 via IPO.

Roivant Sciences left the list in May 2021 via IPO.

Capsule, KRY, Caris Life Sciences, Collective HealthNoomValgen MedtechFiture joined the list in Apr – May 2021.

Outcome Health was acquired by PatientPoint in Mar 2021.

Aledade, EQRx, Innovaccer, ATAI Life Sciences, Brii BioSciences, Evidation Health, Ginger, Komodo Health, Radiology Partners, Rightway, Unite Us, DispatchHealth, Pear TherapeuticsInsitro and Shulan Health joined the list in Jan – Mar 2021.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals left the list in Apr 2021 via IPO.

Oscar Health left the list in Mar 2021 via IPO.

Sema4 was acquired by Casdin Capital and Corvex Management (SPAC) in Feb 2021.

23andMe was acquired by Virgin Galactic Acquisition Corporation (SPAC) in Feb 2021.

Clover Health left the list in Jan 2021 via IPO.

CompanyCountryLast Round DateLast Round TypeValuation
Devoted HealthUnited StatesOct 2021$1.15B Series D$12.7B
Biosplice Therapeutics (formerly Samumed)United StatesApr 2021$120M VC Round$12.4B
TempusUnited StatesDec 2020$200 M Series G-2$8B
Caris Life SciencesUnited StatesMay 2021$830M PE Round$7.83B
WeDoctor (GuaHao)ChinaFeb 2021$411M Series F$7B
DoctolibFranceMar 2022$549M Series F$6.4B
Hinge HealthUnited StatesOct 2021$600M Series E$6.2B
Lyra HealthUnited StatesJan 2022$235M Series F$5.85B
Cityblock HealthUnited StatesSep 2021$400M Series D$5.7B
United Imaging HealthcareChinaSep 2017$500M Series A$5.1B
RoUnited StatesMar 2021$500M Series D$5B
Reify HealthUnited StatesApr 2022$220M Series D$4.8B
CerebralUnited StatesDec 2021$300M Series C$4.8B
ColorUnited StatesNov 2021$100M Series E$4.6B
Olive United StatesJun 2021 $400M Series H$4B
Radiology PartnersUnited StatesMar 2021$12.6M Venture Round$4B
MedlinkerChinaDec 2021$514 Milion Series E$3.9B
Intarcia TherapeuticsUnited StatesAug 2019Undisclosed$3.8B
AbogenChinaNov 2021$300M Series C$3.7B
NoomUnited StatesMay 2021$540M Series F$3.7B
OttobockGermanyDec 2019$106.9M Debt$3.5B
PharmEasyIndiaNov 2021Private Equity$3.4B
Komodo HealthUnited StatesMar 2021$220M Series E$3.3B
InnovaccerUnited StatesDec 2021$150 Million Series E$3.1B
Carbon HealthUnited StatesJul 2021$350M Series D$3B
CMR SurgicalUnited KingdomJun 2021$600M Series D$3B
OuraFinlandApr 2022VC Round$2.55B
Somatus United StatesFeb 2022$325M Series E$2.5B
InsitroUnited StatesMar 2021$400M Series C$2.4B
SWORD HealthUnited StatesNov 2021$163M Series D$2B
Spring HealthUnited StatesSep 2021$190M Series C$2B
KRYSwedenApr 2021$319M Series D$2B
Virta HealthUnited StatesApr 2021$133M Series D$1.9B
KeepChinaJan 2021$360M Series F$1.9B
AledadeUnited StatesJan 2021$100M Series D$1.9B
CalmUnited StatesDec 2020$75M Series C$1.9B
ZocdocUnited StatesAug 2015$130M Series D$1.8B
Saliogen TherapeuticsUnited StatesJan 2022$115M Series B$1.7B
DispatchHealthUnited StatesMar 2021$200M Series D$1.7B
Unite UsUnited StatesMar 2021$150M Series C$1.7B
TruepillUnited StatesOct 2021$142M Series D$1.6B
VerilyUnited StatesDec 2020$700M VC Round$1.6B
AthelasUnited StatesJan 2022$132M VC Round$1.5B
CurefitUnited StatesNov 2021$145M Series F$1.5B
Collective HealthUnited StatesMay 2021$280M Series F$1.5B
K HealthUnited StatesJan 2021$132M Series E$1.5B
StravaUnited StatesNov 2020$110M Series F$1.5B
HeartFlowUnited StatesJun 2019$65M Series E$1.5B
Valgen Medtech
ChinaMay 2021$188M Series B$1.43B
Clarify HealthUnited StatesApr 2022$150M Series D$1.4B
Pristyn CareIndiaDec 2021$96M Series E$1.4B
PapaUnited StatesNov 2021$150M Series D$1.4B
YaoshibangChinaJul 2021$270M Series E$1.35B
Athletic Greens
United StatesJan 2022$115M VC Round$1.32B
AlzheonUnited StatesApr 2022$50M Series D$1.31B
Shulan HealthChinaMar 2021Series D$1.24B
ElemyUnited StatesOct 2021$219M Series B$1.2B
Prime MedicineUnited StatesJuly 2021$200M Series B$1.2B
InsightecIsraelApr 2021$136M Venture – Series Unknown$1.2B
Modern HealthUnited StatesFeb 2021$74M Series D$1.2B
IntelyCareUnited StatesApr 2022$115M Series C$1.1B
GingerUnited StatesMar 2021$100M Series E$1.1B
RightwayUnited StatesMar 2021$100M Series C$1.1B
BiofourmisSingaporeApr 2022$300M Series D$1B
BostonGeneUnited StatesApr 2022$150M Series B$1B
NexHealthUnited StatesApr 2022$125M Series C$1B
Omada HealthUnited StatesFeb 2022$192M Series E$1B
MindmazeSwitzerlandFeb 2022$105M Venture Series Unknown$1B
Modernizing MedicineSwitzerlandFeb 2022$53.4M Venture Series Unknown$1B
TranscarentUnited StatesJan 2022$200M Series C$1B
Alto PharmacyUnited StatesJan 2022$200M Series E$1B
Cadence SolutionsUnited StatesDec 2021$100M Series B$1B
Dental MonitoringFranceOct 2021$150M PE Round$1B
TrialSparkUnited StatesSep 2021$156M Series C$1B
Mammoth BiosciencesUnited StatesSep 2021$150M Series D$1B
Miaoshou DoctorChinaAug 2021$232M Series F$1B
Maven ClinicUnited StatesAug 2021$110M Series D$1B
dMed BiopharmaceuticalChinaJul 2021$50M Series C$1B
SonderMindUnited StatesJul 2021$150M Series C$1B
LetsGetCheckedIrelandJun 2021$150M Series D$1B
Thirty MadisonUnited StatesJun 2021$140M Series C$1B
CapsuleUnited StatesApr 2021$300M Series D$1B
FitureChinaApr 2021$300M Series B$1B
Evidation HealthUnited StatesMar 2021$153M Series E$1B
ZwiftUnited StatesSep 2020$450M Series C$1B
Orca BioUnited StatesJun 2020$192M Series D$1B
GympassUnited StatesJun 2019$300M Series D$1B
AprogenSouth KoreaMay 2019$1B
LinkDocChinaJul 2018$151M Series D$1B
iCarbonXChinaJun 2018$141.77M Series A$1B
DXYChinaApr 2018$100M Series D$1B
OrCamIsraelFeb 2018$30.4M VC Round$1B
PointClickCareCanadaFeb 2018$146M Series D$1B


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