The 2021 Global Learning Landscape

Our latest open-source taxonomy for the future of education. Mapping the evolving learning and talent innovation landscape.

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Discover the future of education and explore the 2021 release of the Global Learning Landscape. An open-source taxonomy for the future of education.

One billion learners at three million schools, colleges and universities around the world are depending on education to prepare them for a prosperous life and the jobs of the future. However, the overwhelming majority of institutions are unable to innovate fast enough to deliver on this mission and, while education is estimated to become a $10T market by 2030, it is highly fragmented and grossly under-digitised, impeding transformation at a global scale.

Technology is operating across the entire learner lifecycle and examples can now be found at every point of the learning journey, in both formal and informal education settings. From platforms to support the discovery of educational opportunities, new ways of generating content and experiencing learning, software to support education institutional management and administrative processes, through to the delivery, assessment and the credentialing of learning on the pathway to employment.

The Global Learning Landscape is an open-source taxonomy for education innovation, providing a common structure and language for identifying, tracking and making sense of the volume and complexity of innovation happening in education globally. The taxonomy provides a well-defined, robust, accessible and community enabled segmentation.

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