6 themes from the Higher Education Digital Transformation Webinar Series

Explore key topics, event recordings and summaries from our deep dive into Digital Transformation in Higher Education.


With nearly 5,000 registrations from 80+ countries around the world, our 6-part webinar series on Higher Education Digital Transformation brought together an inquisitive and highly engaged global network to share and discuss the future shape of higher education.

The series explored new models, technologies and partnerships emerging in the sector, underpinned by the four Dimensions of the Higher Education Digital Capability framework. Review key themes, watch the recordings and find out more about each session below.

The Framework: Higher Education Digital Capability

Each theme was anchored in the 4 Dimensions, 16 Domains and 70+ capabilities identified in the Higher Education Digital Capability (HEDC) Framework. This unifying model provides an overarching view for institutions to map and measure digital capabilities across the learner lifecycle, ultimately to support practical and sustainable approaches to digital services and online learning.

As well as this shared language and structure, digital transformation demands action! Among the tools developed to support practical application of the framework is a self-assessment benchmarking tool, completed by an individual or by an institution with representatives across different functions like marketing, learning design, campus operations and careers. The resulting perspectives on institutional performance and digital capability priorities are used to inform and drive strategic decision-making.

Participate in the Q2 Benchmarking Cohort.

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Webinar 1 - Understanding Digital Transformation in HE

Webinar 1 looked at how higher education institutions around the world are building digital into their core capabilities, their areas of focus for digital and which dimensions are considered highest priority. Watch the recording here.

HolonIQ Micro and Alternative Credentials - Credentials 1

Webinar 2 - Micro and Alternative Credentials.

Session 2 took a deep dive into HolonIQ’s comprehensive analysis of the alternative and micro credentials market globally, including market segmentation and the likely future role of micro-credentials in the post-secondary landscape. Watch the recording here.

HolonIQ Micro and Alternative Credentials - Credentials 1
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Webinar 3 - The University Partnership Landscape.

Our third session provided a snapshot of the global ‘state of play’ in academic public-private partnerships, insights as to how these models are growing and evolving, and what might be next for academic public-private-partnerships. Watch the recording here.

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Webinar 4 - MOOCS. Then. Now. Next.

Webinar 4 considered the fascinating evolution of the MOOC-model and the role it has yet to play in the evolving post-secondary education market. Watch the recording here.

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Webinar 5 - International HE. Emerging Digital Models.

Our fifth session explored the innovations and new models being developed for international education and identifies the ways in which the international higher education market may evolve. Watch the recording here.

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Webinar 6 - Scenarios. Higher Education in 2025.

Our final webinar provided an overview of 3 Scenarios for Higher Education in 2025, along with discussion of the drivers and signals that lead in each direction. Watch the recording here.

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What’s next?

Self-assess digital capabilities. The Q2 benchmarking cohort is now open, and we’d love you to be part of it! The assessment takes 10-15 minutes and asks you to rate your university’s digital capabilities and how important they are in your strategic outlook. All participants receive a benchmarking report for the cohort after it closes in a few weeks.

Network. The HolonIQ Global Higher Education Network connects forward-thinking individuals with information and insights to support and sustain digital transformation for higher education, including webinar events and opportunities to participate in global research.

Insights & Future events. As we continue to focus on Higher Education and digital transformation in 2021, look out for our Global Digital Leaders series, where we pick up some key themes from our deep dives and explore global perspectives in practice. You can be first to find out what’s coming by joining the Global Higher Education Network – we’ll see you there!

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