6 webinars to explain the rapidly transforming higher education market

HolonIQ’s Higher Education Digital Transformation Webinar Series

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Join HolonIQ for the Higher Education Digital Transformation Webinar Series as we explore the new models, technologies and partnerships that are emerging globally and discuss the future shape of higher education.

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Webinar 1 - Understanding Digital Transformation in HE

This session focuses on how HE institutions around the world are building digital into their core capabilities, their areas of focus for digital and which dimensions are considered highest priority.

The session is structured around the Higher Education Digital Capability (HEDC) Framework whereby institutional capabilities have been mapped to four connected dimensions across the lifecycle, from Demand & Discovery (DD) to Learning Design (LD), Learner Experience (LX) and Work & Lifelong Learning (WL).

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Webinar 2 - Micro and Alternative Credentials.

Alternative and micro-credentials have emerged over the past five years in response to the increasing need for smaller, more frequent and more focused learning opportunities that attract academic or industry recognition. However, this space is still in a formative state with no universally agreed format or definition, and with many participating actors and emerging models.

This session provides an overview of HolonIQ’s comprehensive analysis of the alternative and micro credentials market globally, including definition and market segmentation and analysis of the likely future role of micro-credentials in the post-secondary landscape.

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Webinar 3 - The University Partnership Landscape.

University partnerships with Online Program Managers, Bootcamp and MOOC Providers is growing at a record rate to support institutional objectives for online delivery, enrolment growth and expansion into new markets.

This session provides a snapshot of the global ‘state of play’ in academic public-private partnerships and insights as to how these models are growing and evolving, and what might be next for academic public-private-partnerships.


Webinar 4 - MOOCS. Then. Now. Next.

MOOCs started the last decade as a proof of concept and finished with 380 million students. The borderless digital market for ‘just-in-time’ skills and knowledge represents a rapidly evolving part of the post-secondary education landscape, with MOOCs morphing from B2C higher education replacement to B2B partner and builder of digital ecosystem.

This session will consider the evolution of the MOOC-model and the role it has yet to play in the evolving post-secondary education market.


Webinar 5 - International HE. Emerging Digital Models.

While the pandemic has thrown traditional approaches to international education into chaos and abruptly halted global student flows, new possibilities and new ideas are emerging to re-envision how international higher education might look post-COVID.

This session explores the innovations and new models being developed for international education and identifies the ways in which the international higher education market may evolve.

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Webinar 6 - Scenarios. Higher Education in 2025.

While COVID-19 has accelerated change, most leaders in higher education have expected substantial disruption to the traditional model of higher education for some time. Through analysis of how key drivers impacting HE might progress, combine and interact in the future, HolonIQ has identified a number of Scenarios for Higher Education in 2025, presenting snapshots of a range of possible futures.

This session provides an overview of 3 Scenarios for Higher Education in 2025, along with discussion of the drivers and signals that lead in each direction.

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Explore the HE Digital Capability Framework.

Informed by academic research and with input from higher education leaders globally, the HEDC Framework offers an overarching view for institutions to map and measure digital capabilities across the learner lifecycle, ultimately to support practical and sustainable approaches to digital services and online learning.

Institutional capabilities have been mapped to four connected dimensions across the lifecycle, from Demand & Discovery (DD) to Learning Design (LD), Learner Experience (LX) and Work & Lifelong Learning (WL).

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Recent Insights

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3 March 2021. 

The US OPX market will double by 2025. International markets will see almost 4x growth.

Global Online Degree and Micro-Credential Market to reach $117B by 2025

3 March 2021. 

Our ‘Mid-COVID’ sizing update upgrades the outlook for Global Online Degrees and Micro-Credentials by $20B+.

Four Micro-Credentialing Themes to Explore in HE

2 March 2021. 

This second webinar in our Higher Education Digital Transformation series examined the size, shape and potential future scenarios for micro and alternative credentials. The webinar is part of a 2021 HolonIQ series exploring new models, technologies and partnerships emerging in Higher Education.

Sizing the Global EdTech Market. Mode vs Model

23 February 2021. 

D2C vs B2B. Hardware, Software, and Services. EdTech is growing fast as modes and models compete for growth around the world.