250 Global Education Stocks

250 education companies with $192B market cap, $79B revenue, $10B EBITDA and 668 thousand teachers and professionals

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250 education companies with a combined $192B market cap, $79B revenue, $10B EBITDA and 668 thousand teachers and professionals

Education is a $5.8 trillion global industry, growing to $7.8 trillion by 2025 and approach $10 trillion by 2030. As the world’s population grows from 7.6 billion today, to an estimated 8.5 billion by 2030, governments are struggling to fund the traditional education system at historic levels. Student debt in the US now exceeds $1.5 trillion dollars and the price of textbooks and post-secondary tuition has inflated 200% over the last 20 years, twice as much as healthcare and four times house prices.

The growth of education as an industry, including privately held, public-private partnerships and education services from Pre K through to Corporate Training and Lifelong Learning is also apparent in the number and size of publicly listed education companies around the world.

Our ongoing research into global education stocks has now identified 250 education companies listed on stock exchanges around the world. The HolonIQ research team is finalising our latest Global Education Stocks Report for clients, which provides deeper analysis of the performance, segments and trends for this group of companies in education.


China HQ Companies

$67B Market Cap 37 companies


United States HQ Companies

$51B Market Cap 40 companies


United Kingdom HQ Companies

$23B Market Cap 11 companies

Market Capitalization

Market capitalization refers to the total dollar market value of a company’s outstanding shares. Commonly referred to as “market cap,” it is calculated by multiplying a company’s shares outstanding by the current market price of one share. The investment community uses this figure to determine a company’s size, as opposed to using sales or total asset figures.

The total market cap of all 250 education stocks is roughly $190B (on any given day). The largest company, TAL from China, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has a market cap of approx $20 billion, or just over 10% of all education stock market cap. Over 40 companies have a market cap over $1 billion, the average of all 250 companies is $766m and the median $98m.

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Market Cap by Country

37 companies headquartered in China have a total market cap of $67B. Language learning and after school tutoring giants TAL and New Oriental are the most well known listed Chinese companies, more recently joined by professional exam prep company Offcn.

There are 40 listed USA education companies based out of the USA with a market cap totalling $51B. Big names include pre-school provider Bright Horizons, learning resources provider Chegg, OPM company 2U and online university, Grand Canyon. 11 companies in the UK have a market cap of $23b led by publishing firms Informa and Pearson. Brazil and Japan follow with a total of 31 countries having listed education companies represented on stock exchanges around the world.

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Market Cap by Sector

While many of the 250 companies operate across sectors, each has been classified into a primary sector where they generate most of their value. One third, or 83 companies are focused on K12 learning with a market cap of $58B, with a few giants dominating and many smaller companies. Post Secondary is more evenly spread with 70 companies and a market cap of $46B.

Publishing is represented by a small number of companies (15) with a high combined market cap of $34B, illustrating the consolidated mature state of that part of the sector. 35 Corporate education listed companies are valued at $26B, while 24 listed education companies in the ‘digital’ category have a total market cap of $15B. Of the 24 in the digital group, the top 10 by market cap include four learning management systems, two language learning and one each of education resources (digital content), OPM, Assessment and Education Management System.

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