2021 Europe EdTech 100

HolonIQ’s annual list of the 100 most promising EdTech startups from Europe.

2021 Europe EdTech 100

The Europe EdTech 100 is HolonIQ's annual list of the 100 most promising EdTech startups from Europe.

HolonIQ’s annual Europe EdTech 100 includes EdTech startups based across Europe (excluding the Nordic-Baltic EdTech 50 and Russia and CIS EdTech 100). Europe has a long tradition of high quality public education systems and, while more traditional formats dominate the approach to education and learning overall, the integration of technology into learning has been steadily increasing, accelerated by the shift to online learning through the COVID pandemic. New models are emerging and incumbent players are looking harder at their digital solutions, while governments consider mechanisms for equitable access and outcomes.

Startups are categorized by their main focus. Categories in the market map are not mutually exclusive. 

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Most Promising EdTech 100

Using the HolonIQ platform, our Intelligence Unit team and market experts selected these 100 digital education companies out of 5000+ EdTech startups from Europe, based on HolonIQ’s scoring fingerprint that includes capital, team, market, product and momentum. See separate list for the Nordic-Baltic region and Russia-CIS Countries.

Direct-to-Consumer majority; One quarter B2B.

Over half of this year’s cohort operate in a direct-to-consumer model, as individual consumers (both parents and adult learners) increasingly look for learning solutions and direct support, with teams such as GoStudent delivering online tutoring solutions and Codam offering a peer-to-peer coding school.  However, almost one quarter of the group deliver on B2B EdTech, which is a high proportion compared with other regions of the world and is indicative of the mature and strong public education systems as well as corporations, that are increasingly looking for digital support for infrastructure and digital content. Startups such as BoClips are providing organizations and institutions with digital content for learning, while platforms such as Aula offer institutions digital environments for interactive learning and student engagement. Startups such as LiveKid provide management systems to help digitize education institutions.

Solid growth stage startups in this mature market.

This year sees a slightly older cohort on average with just over 40% in the 7+ years age bracket. Globally the pandemic has made it difficult to get traction for very early stage companies, but has seen those startups already with market fit, gaining traction as the demand for EdTech over the last few years has skyrocketed. Going forward we would expect to see more exits in the older groups and a greater proportion of new startups being launched.

12 countries represented. UK, France, Germany leading.

Compared with last year’s cohort, there are less startups from the UK with a greater number from countries like Italy, Poland and Spain, in this year’s group, however the UK still makes up over one third of the cohort with teams such as Mulitverse, Unibuddy, Hack The Box and Immersive Labs raising significant rounds in the last 12 months. Overall, France, Germany and the UK make up almost three-quarters of the 2021 cohort.

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Track the 2021 Cohort

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Criteria & Methodology

The Europe EdTech 100 is focused on identifying young, fast growing and innovative learning and up-skilling start-ups working in the region. To be eligible, startups are generally less than 10 years old (though there are some exceptions), are either headquartered in the region, or predominately focused on this market (e.g. > 80% revenue/customers, are pre exit (not acquired or listed) and not a subsidiary of a larger company or controlled by an investor group (e.g. via private equity buyout or controlling investment).

Where is this data coming from?

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