200 Top Women CEOs and Founders leading Global EdTech Startups

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting the women who are leading the world’s 800 most promising EdTech Startups.

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In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting women CEOs and founders from HolonIQ’s Global EdTech 800, the world’s top EdTech Startups who are transforming the way the world learns.

Through 2020, HolonIQ identified the top 800 EdTech startups around the world. Region by region, we mapped the most promising EdTech startups, both early and late stage. We mapped the Africa EdTech 50, Australia and New Zealand EdTech 50, Europe EdTech 100, India and South Asia EdTech 100, LATAM EdTech 100, Nordic and Baltic EdTech 50, North America EdTech 100, Russia and CIS EdTech 100 and finally the Southeast Asia EdTech 50. To be eligible, these companies had to be startups (i.e. not acquired, controlled or listed), operating in the field of education, learning or training technology, and generally less than 10 years old.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8 – 2021, we’re celebrating the women leading these incredible startups as CEOs, Founders and Co-Founders  — and the work they’re doing across 185 EdTech companies around the world. 21% (170) of the 800 companies were founded by women, and 13% (104) have women CEOs or Co-CEOs. Through our work at HolonIQ, which is also co-founded and co-led by a woman, we are determined to play our part in eliminating the gender gap in leadership, entrepreneurship and education.

Despite the progress made in parity for women, there’s still an enormous amount to be done. Our Global State of Play Report on Women CEOs and Leadership around the world deep dives into the numbers across different industries to highlight the areas making most progress and where much work is still to be done.

Where is this data coming from?

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200 Top Women CEOs & Founders leading Global EdTech Startups

The following amazing women have Founded or Lead the most promising Edtech Startups globally. Building and running a startup is not for the faint hearted with an estimated 90% failure rate and research shows that barriers for women to start or lead a successful business are higher than normal. The women you see below have not only overcome significant odds but are focused on making a difference in the lives of millions of learners worldwide. Congratulations on your impact so far and we look forward to tracking your progress over the coming years.

If by chance we have missed a female CEO or Founder/Co-Founder who leads an EdTech company selected in HolonIQ’s Global EdTech 800 Series, please contact us immediately and we will update the list.

Jenni V_Kide Science

Jenni Vartiainen

Co-founder and Head of Pedagogies & Research at Kide Science

Aino Kuronen_Kide Science

Aino Kuronen

COO and Co-founder at Kide Science

Georgie Hart_Sparx

Georgie Hart

Co-founder and Chair of Education Board at Sparx

Carol Neumann MentorPro

Carol Neumann

Co-founder and Training Director at MentorPro


Whitney Kilgore, PhD

Co-founder & Chief Academic Officer at iDesign

Aarti Gupta_CF_Qin1

Aarti Gupta

CEO and Co-founder at Qin1

Ada Chen_CF_EnjoyTech

Ada Chen

Co-Owner and G.M. at Enjoy Technology

Aditi Avasthi_F&C_Embibe

Aditi Avasthi

Founder and CEO at Embibe

Aimee Sibson_CEO&CF_Linc-Ed Hero

Aimee Sibson

CEO and Co-Founder at LINC-ED Hero

Aizhan Kul- Mukhammed_CF_Neupusti


Co-Founder at Neupusti

Akua Nyame-Mensah_CF_CoffeeChat

Akua Nyame-Mensah

Co-founder at CoffeeChat

Alexandra Damgaard_CF_CPO_Sales Impact Academy

Alexandra Damgaard

CPO and Co-Founder at Sales Impact Academy

Alisa Zamoreva_Principal CEO_AnyClass

Alisa Zamoreva

CEO at AnyClass

Allana Abdullah_C&F_Bahaso

Allana Abdullah

CEO and Founder at Bahaso

Alliv Samson_COO&CF_Kami

Alliv Samson

COO and Co-Founder at Kami

Alpana Phalke Thakar_CF of India Operations VP Engineering_Securly

Alpana Phalke Thakar

VP of Operations, India and Co-Founder of India Operations at Securly

Ana Figueroa Messenger_F_Yourney

Ana Figueroa Messenger

Founder at Yourney

Ana Karen Ramirez_C&F_Epic Queen

Ana Karen Ramirez

CEO and Founder at Epic Queen

Andreana Castellanos_C&F_Afinidata

Andreana Castellanos

CEO at Afinidata

Angela Oduor Lungati_CF_Akirachix

Angela Oduor Lungati

Co-founder at Akirachix

Anna Nordell-Westling_CF_CMO_Sana Labs

Anna Nordell-Westling

CMO and Co-founder at Sana Labs

Anna-Riikka Smolander_CF_CEO_Hokema

Anna-Riikka Smolander

Co-Founder at Hokema Oy

Annabella Laya_C_Acreditta

Annabella Laya

CEO at Acreditta

Anuradha Agarwal_F_Multibhashi

Anuradha Agarwal

Founder at Multibashi

April Koh_C&CF_SpringHealth

April Koh

CEO and Co-Founder at Spring Health

Arti Finn_CF&Chief Business Development Officer_ADPS

Arti Finn

Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at American Prison Data Systems

Ashley Van Cott_CF_WriteWise

Ashley Van Cott

Co-Founder at WriteWise

Audrey Cheng_C_CF_MoringaSchool

Audrey Cheng

CEO and Co-founder at Moringa School

Aurélie Truchet_CF_CCO_Uptale

Aurélie Truchet

CCO and Co-Founder at Uptale

Aviaja Borup Lynggaard_F_CEO_Hopspots

Aviaja Borup Lynggaard

CEO and Founder at Hopspots

Barbara Yu_C&CF_Unicareer

Barbara Yu

CEO and Founder at UniCareer

Béatrice Gherara_CF_CMO_Kokoroe

Béatrice Gherara

CMO and Co-Founder at Kokoroe

Beatrice Ionascu_CF_CTO_imigiLabs

Beatrice Lonascu

CTO and Co-Founder at imagiLabs

Beleza Chan_COO&CF_Chatterize

Beleza Chan

COO and Co-founder at Chatterize

Blanca Cervantes Denis_COO&CF_SEL Adventures

Blanca Cervantes Denis

COO and Co-founder at SEL Adventures

Brittany Stich_CF_Guild Education

Brittany Stich

Co-founder at Guild Education

Carolina Arce_CF_U-Planner

Carolina Arce

Co-Founder at U-Planner

Cathy Hsu_CF_Jiliguala

Cathy Hsu

Co-Founder at Jiliguala

Cecilia Hevia_C&CF_Mentor Pro

Cecilia Hevia

CEO and Co-Founder at MentorPro

Charlie Javice_C&F_Frank.

Charlie Javice

CEO and Founder at Frank.

Christina Sass_CF_Andela

Christina Sass

Co-founder at Andela

Chuencheewan Wongsaeree_CF_Globish Academia

Chuencheewan Wongsaeree

Co-Founder at Globish Academia

Cindy Mi_C&CF_VIPKid

Cindy Mi

CEO and Founder at VIPKid

Claire Mongeau_C_F_M-Shule

Claire Mongeau

CEO and Founder at M-Shule

Clarissa Chang_CCO&CF_FutureLab

Clarissa Chang

CCO and Co-Founder at FutureLab.my

Claudia de Moraes_C_Younder

Claudia de Moraes

CEO at Procondutor

Claudia Rademaker_CF_VP_Dugga

Claudia Rademaker

Co-Founder and VP at Dugga

Claudia Verguiro Massei_CF_Eduqo

Claudia Verguiro Massei

Co-Founder at Eduqo

Corinne Bowman_COO&CF_ClassCreator

Corinne Bowman

COO and Co-Founder at Class Creator

Corrine Virguex_Founder_Codam

Corrine Virguex

Founder at Codam

Daisy Hill_CF_COO_Quizalize

Daisy Hill

Founder at Quizalize

Damilola Emuze_COO_CF_ScholarX

Damilola Emuze

COO and Co-founder at ScholarX

Daphne Koller_CF_Coursera

Daphne Koller

Co-founder at Coursera

Dasha Kroshkina_C&F_StudyFree

Dasha Kroshkina

CEO and Founder at StudyFree


Denise Wang

Co-founder at UniCareer

Diana Andronic_COO&CF_FunEasyLearn

Diana Andronic

COO and Co-founder at Fun Easy Learn

Diane Lahmy_CF_Klassroom

Diane Lahmy

Co-founder and VP, Growth at Klassroom

Diane Lenne_C&F_We Are Peers

Diane Lenne

CEO and Founder at We Are Peers

Divya Agarwal_CF_Proeves

Divya Agarwal

Co-founder at ProEves

Divya Gokulnath_CF_Byju's

Divya Gokulnath

Co-founder at Byju's

Dora Palfi_CF_CEO_imigiLabs

Dora Palfi

CEO and Co-founder at ImagiLabs

Dorothy Yiu_COO&CF_EngageRocket

Dorothy Yiu

COO and Co-founder at EngageRocket

Dwina M Putri_COO&CF_Mau Belajar Apa

Dwina M Putri

Co-founder at Mau Belajar Apa

Ekta Grover_F_Shunya

Ekta Grover

Founder at Shunya Impact

Eleanor Cooper_C&CF_Pathstream

Eleanor Cooper

CEO and Co-founder at Pathstream

Elise Covilette_CF_CEO_Kokoroe

Elise Covilette

COO and Co-founder at Kokoroe

Elmira Obry_Acting CEO_Qwant

Elmira Obry

Acting CEO at Qwant

Emily Wattman-Tuner_CF&CGO_Kenzie Academy

Emily Wattman-Tuner

CGO and Co-founder at Kenzie Academy

Erin Osborn_COO&CF_BetterLesson

Erin Osborn

COO and Co-founder at BetterLesson

Estelle de Seze_CF_Student Pop

Estelle de Seze

Co-founder at Student Pop

Estelle Lloyd_CF_Azoomee

Estelle Lloyd

COO and Co-founder at Azoomee

Evgenia Sorokina_CF_Cerevrum

Evgenia Sorokina

Co-founder at Cerevrum

Fernanda Marques Getschko_F_Mundo4D

Fernanda Marques Getschko

Co-founder at Mundo4D

Fiona Boyd_CEO&CF_Edsmart

Fiona Boyd

CEO and Co-founder at Edsmart

Forum Desai_CF_SchoolMint

Forum Desai

Co-founder at SchoolMint

Frida Polli_CEO&CF_Pymetrics

Frida Polli

CEO and Co-founder at Pymetrics

Galina Kan_CF_Umnazia

Galina Kan

Co-founder at Umnazia

Genevieve Gilmore_CEO_ProsperEducation

Genevieve Gilmore

CEO at Prosper Education

Gillian Carson_CF_Treehouse

Gillian Carson

Co-founder at Treehouse

Grace David_C_Edukasyon

Grace David

CEO at Edukasyon

Grainne Oates_C&F_Quitch

Dr. Grainne Oates

CEO and Founder at Quitch

Hao Nguyen_C_Topica

Hao Nguyen

CEO at Topica Edtech Group

Haya Odeh_CF_Repl.it

Haya Odeh

Co-founder at Repl.it

Heidi Holmes_COO&CF_MentorLoop

Heidi Holmes

COO and Co-founder at Mentorloop

Helena Adeosun_COO&CF&President_CareAcademy

Helena Adeosun

CEO and Founder at Care Academy

Himangi Airon_Honorary CEO_Exam18

Himangi Airon

Honorary CEO at Exam18

Hui (Grace) Zhi_C_DaDa

Hui (Grace) Zhi


Ida Rönnlund_CEO_Four Ferries

Ida Rönnlund

CEO at Four Ferries

Ingel Keskpaik_COO_CF_Speakly

Ingel Keskpaik

Co-founder and COO at Speakly

Irina Minasyan_CMO&CF_Joong

Irina Minasyan

CMO and Co-founder at Joong

Jane Ding_F_Yunxuetang

Jane Ding

Co-CEO at Yunxuetang

Jessie Chen_CF_VIPKid

Jessie Chen

Co-founder at VIPKid

Jessie Woolley Wilson_C&P_DreamBox Learning

Jessie Woolley-Wilson

CEO and President at DreamBox Learning

Jill Snape_CF_TeachStarter

Jill Snape

Co-founder at Teach Starter

Jo Besford_F_D_GreenShootsEducation

Jo Besford

Founder and Director at Green Shoots Education

Johanna Molina_CF_Executive Director_The Intern Group

Johanna Molina

Co-founder and Executive Director at The Intern Group

Judith Adem Owigar_CF_Akirachix

Judith Adem Owigar

Co-founder at Akirachix

Julia Spiridonova-Mikeda_MarketingD&CF_Netology

Julia Spiridonova-Mikeda

Co-founder at Netologiya

Julie Hansen_C_Babbel

Julie Hansen

CEO and CRO at Babbel

Julie Yoo_CF_Pymetrics

Julie Yoo

CSO and Co-founder at Pymetrics

Karen V. Ordones_CF_CEO_Tutor.id

Karen V. Ordones

CEO and Co-founder at Tutor.id

Kayee Au_CF_Mosabi

Kayee Au

Co-founder at Mosabi

Ketika Kapoor_CEO&CF_Proeves

Ketika Kapoor

CEO and Co-founder at ProEves

Ketty Lie_CF_ErudiFi

Ketty Lie

Co-founder at ErudiFi

Komal Dadlani_C&CF_Lab4U

Komal Dadlani

CEO and Co-founder at Lab4U

Lane Litz_C&CF_Chatterize

Lane Litz

CEO and Co-founder at Chatterize

Lauma Kazaka_COO_CF_Solfeg.io

Lauma Kazaka

COO and Co-founder at Solfeg

Leticia Guimarães Lyle_CF&Chief Education Officer_Camino Education

Leticia Guimarães Lyle

Founding Partner and Chief Education Officer at Camino Education

Lidiya Terpel_C&F_Skyworker

Lidiya Terpel

CEO and Founder at Skyworker

Lina Ahmed_CF_Dot&Line

Lina Ahmed

Co-Founder at Dot & Line

Linda Kamau_MD_CF_Akirachix

Linda Kamau

Co-founder and Managing Director at Akirachix

Lucy Lloyd_CEO&CF_MentorLoop

Lucy Lloyd

CEO and Co-founder at Mentorloop

Madhuri Reddy_CF&exCMO_CareAcademy

Dr. Madhuri Reddy

Co-founder and ex-CMO at Care Academy

Maheen Adamjee_C&CF_Dot&Line

Maheen Adamjee

CEO and Co-founder at Verto Education

Mallory Meiser_CF_Verto Education

Mallory Meiser

Co-founder and VP of Student Experience at Verto Education

Margret Juliana Sigurdardottir_Founder_Mussila

Margret Juliana Sigurdardottir

Founder at Mussila

Maria del Mar Velez_C&F_Crack The Code

Maria del Mar Velez

CEO and Founder at Crack the Code

Maria Gårdlund_CEO_Dugga

Maria Gårdlund

CEO at Dugga

Maria Magdalena Izquierdo_CF_Mentor Pro

Maria Magdalena Izquierdo

Co-founder at MentorPro

Mariana Costa Checa_C&CF_Laboratoria

Mariana Costa Checa

Co-founder and CEO at Laboratoria

Mariana Garza Villalobos_C&F_Inverkids

Mariana Garza Villalobos

CEO at Inverkids

Africa20_Marie Githinji_D&CF_Akirachix_CF_eLimu

Marie Githinji

Director and Co-founder at Akirachix, Co-founder at eLimu

Marie Jacobsen Lauvås_CF_CEO_Capeesh

Marie Jacobsen Lauvås

CEO and Co-founder at Capeesh

Marie Lou Papazian_CEO_Tumo

Marie Lou Papazian

CEO at Tumo

Marija Mitrovic_Owner&Teacher_Algoritmika

Marija Mitrovic

Owner and Teacher at Algoritmika

Marisa Conway_CF_Arifu

Marisa Conway

Co-founder at Arifu

Marta Helena Forero Sepúlveda_CF_UBITS

Marta Helena Forero Sepúlveda

Co-founder at Ubits

Masha Konopelko_C&CF_Solvery

Masha Konopelko

CEO and Co-founder at Solvery

Mayra Ysabel Lazaro Suarez_C&F_Queestudiar

Mayra Ysabel Lazaro Suarez

CEO and Founder at Queestudiar

Meghan Fitzgerald_F&CLO_Tinkergarten

Meghan Fitzgerald

CLO and Co-founder at Tinkergarten

Mervi Palander_CF_CEO_GraphoGame

Mervi Palander

CEO and Co-founder at GraphoGame, Founder at Claned

Mervi Pankalainen_CEO_F_Mightifier

Mervi Pänkäläinen

CEO and Founder at Mightifier

Mignon Hardie_ED_T_Fundza

Mignon Hardie

Executive Director and Trustee at Fundza

Mila Semeshkina_CEO_Lectera

Mila Semeshkina

CEO and Founder at Lectera

Milda Juoné_MD_Eduka

Milda Juoné

Managing Director at Eduka

Africa20_Miora Randriambeloma_CF_ChalkboardEducation

Miora Randriambeloma

Co-founder at Chalkboard Education

Miranda Lievers_CF&COO_Thinkific

Miranda Lievers

COO and Co-founder at Thinkific

Natalie Mactier_CEO_Vivi

Natalie Mactier

CEO at Vivi

Natasha Floksy_C&CF_Cerevrum Inc.

Natasha Floksy

CEO and Founder at Cerevrum

Natasha Klimchuk_CEO&CF_Bang Bang Education

Natasha Klimchuk

CEO and Co-founder at Bang Bang Education

Neeti Sharma_CF&P_TeamLeaseEdtech

Neeti Sharma

Co-founder and President at TeamLease EdTech

Nicky Ringland_CF_GrokLearning

Nicky Ringland

Co-Founder of Grok Learning

Nikki Bonus_CEO&CF_LifeSkillsGo

Nikki Bonus

CEO and Founder at Life Skills Go

Nisha Ligon_C_CF_Ubongo

Nisha Ligon

CEO and Co-founder at Ubongo

Nitzan Cohen Arazi_CF_COO_Jolt.us

Nitzan Cohen Arazi

COO and Co-founder at Jolt.io

Nitzan Pelman_CF Founding CEO?_ReUp Education

Nitzan Pelman

Co-founder at ReUp Education

Noelle Millholt_CF&CRO_BEGiN

Noelle Millholt

CRO and Co-founder at BEGiN

Noemi_Valencia de Trainor_F&Chief Learning and Inspiration Officer_Knotion

Noemi Valencia de Trainor

Founder and Chief Learning & Inspiration Officer at Knotion

Oksana Selendeeva_F_Coddy

Oksana Selendeeva

Founder at CODDY

Olya Marazova_CEO&CF_Bang Bang Education

Olya Marazova

Co-founder at Bang Bang Education

Parita Parekh_CF&Head of Learning_Toddle

Parita Parekh

Co-founder and Head of Learning at Toddle

Parul Gupta_CF_Springboard

Parul Gupta

CEO and Co-founder at Springboard

Patricia Scanlon_Founder_CEO_SoapBox Labs

Patricia Scanlon

CEO and Founder at SoapBox Labs

Paula Cardenau_CF&D_Arbusta

Paula Cardenau

Co-founder and Director at Arbusta

Pia Ella Elmegard_CF_MD_Growth Tribe

Pia Ella Elmegard

Co-founder and Managing Director at Growth Tribe

Pia Jormalainen_CF_CEO_New Nordic School

Pia Jormalainen

CEO and Co-founder at New Nordic School

Priya Lakhani_CEO_F_CENTURY

Priya Lakhani

CEO and Founder at CENTURY

Quanling Zhang_Pres_Shaonian Dedao

Quanling Zhang

President at Shaonian Dedao

Rachel Carlson_C&CF_Guild Education

Rachel Carlson

CEO and Co-founder at Guild Education

Raffaela Rein_Founder_CareerFoundry

Raffaela Rein

Founder at CareerFoundry

Rakhi Wadhwa_CF_Knorish

Rakhi Wadhwa

Co-founder at Knorish

Raphaelle Covilette_CF_CEO_Kokoroe

Raphaelle Covilette

CEO and Co-founder at Kokoroe

Rebecca Twemlow_CF_Hail

Rebecca Twemlow

Co-founder at Hail

Renee Mang_SVP&CF_Vemo Education

Renee Mang

Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Originations and Servicing at Vemo Education

Ruby Au_C_F_LumenLabs

Ruby Au

CEO and Founder at Lumen Labs

Rupika Taneja_CF_Codeyoung

Rupika Taneja

Co-founder at CodeYoung

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth_CF_CEO_CanopyLAB

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

CEO and Co-founder at CanopyLAB

Sandi Lin_C&CF_Skilljar

Sandi Lin

CEO and Co-founder at SkillJar

Sandra Heldsinger_F&MD_Brightpath

Sandra Heldsinger

Founder and Managing Director at BrightPath

Sanna Lukander_CEO_CF_Fun Academy

Sanna Lukander

CEO and Co-founder at Fun Academy

Sarah Besnainou_COO&CF_Kartable

Sarah Besnainou

COO and Co-founder at Kartable

Sarah Horn_CF&C_ReUp Education

Sarah Horn

CEO and Co-founder at ReUp Education

Sari Hurme-Mehtälä_CF_CEO_Kide Science

Sari Hurme-Mehtälä

CEO and Co-founder at Kide Science

Sarita Chand_CF_EduPristine

Sarita Chand

Co-founder at EduPristine

Sharndre Kushore_CF&D_CrimsonEducation

Sharndre Kushore

Co-founder and Director at Crimson Education

Shweta Doshi_CF_GreyAtom

Shweta Doshi

Co-founder at GreyAtom

Smita Deorah_COO&CF_LeadSchool

Smita Deorah

COO and Co-founder at LEAD School

Sonya Hooja_CF&D_ImarticusLearning

Sonya Hooja

Co-founder and Director at Imarticus Learning

Sophie Adelman

Sophie Adelman

Co-founder at Multiverse

Sophie Thompson_CF_VirtualSpeech

Sophie Thompson

Co-founder at VirtualSpeech

Soy Kang_C&F_Gnowbe

Soy Kang

CEO and Founder at Gnowbe

Stephanie Leung_CF&COO_Tiney

Stephanie Leung

COO and Co-founder at Tiney

Stephanie Powell_COO,CF,President_BEGiN

Stephanie Powell Dua

COO, Co-founder and President at BeGiN

Susli Lie_CF_ErudiFi

Susli Lie

Co-founder at ErudiFi

Suzanne Perkowsky_CF_New Nordic School

Suzanne Perkowsky

Co-founder and Head of Education at New Nordic School

Svetlana Kravchenko_Head_Kontur.School

Svetlana Kravchenko

Head of Kontur.School

Sylva Simonian_CF_Tumo

Sylva Simonian

Co-founder at Tumo

Tang Guangyu_C&F_BabyBus

Tang Guangyu

CEO at BabyBus

Tanushree Nagori_CF_Doubtnut

Tanushree Nagori

Co-founder at DoubtNut

Tara Murphy_COO&CF_GrokLearning

Tara Murphy

COO and Co-founder at Grok Learninge

Tatiana Terekhova_F_Studway

Tatiana Terekhova

Founder at Studway

Taylor Nieman_C&CF_Toucan

Taylor Nieman

CEO and Co-founder at Toucan

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji_C_F_PassNowNow

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji

CEO and Founder at PassNowNow

Traci Burgess_CEO_BrightBytes

Traci Burgess

CEO at BrightBytes

Tram Ho_C&CF_Kyna.vn

Tram Ho

Co-founder at Kyna

Tu Ngo_Chairwoman&CF_Yola

Tu Ngo

Co-founder at Yola

Vicky Ricaurte_CF&D_Arukay

Vicky Ricaurte

CEO and Co-founder at Arukay

Viktoria Shimanskaya_CF_Skillfolio

Viktoria Shimanskaya

Co-founder at Skillfolio

Vina Aurelia_C&F_Morphoo

Vina Aurelia

CEO and Founder at Morphoo

Vlada Lotkina_CF&C_ClassTag

Vlada Lotkina

CEO and Co-founder at ClassTag

Vu Van_C&CF_Elsa

Vu Van

CEO and Co-founder at ELSA

Africa20_Wambura Kimunyu_GC_EnezaEducation

Wambura Kimunyu

Group CEO at Eneza Education

Wei Libin Hazel_CF_Joni.ai

Wei Libin Hazel

CEO and Co-founder at Joni.AI

Yael Kaufmann_CF&COO_Learn In

Yael Gilbao Kaufmann

COO and Co-founder at LearnIn

Yan Lin_Co-CEO&CF_Dr.Panda

Yan Lin

Co-CEO and Co-founder at Dr. Panda

Yeny Aceneth Téllez Beltrán_Head of Operations&CF_Life Design

Yeny Aceneth Téllez Beltrán

Co-founder and Head of Operations at Life Design

Yeva Hyusyan_CF&C_SoloLearn

Yeva Hyusyan

CEO and Co-founder at SoloLearn

Zoe Milne_D&CF_LoopLearn

Zoe Milne

Co-founder and Director at LoopLearn

Jessica Butcher_Blippar

Jessica Butcher

Co-founder at Blippar

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