Global Education Stocks

HolonIQ’s annual update on global education and training stocks.


270 education stocks closed 2020 with a combined $296B market cap, up $75B over the full year after 16 IPOs, 2 Take Privates and 5 SPACs ready for launch.


APAC stocks added 50% of value through 2020. EMEA added 10% and AMER 6%. 16 IPOs less 2 Take Privates topped up the sector to reach nearly $300B.


K12 and Workforce stocks added 50% of value in 2020 with Higher Education stocks adding 6%.


APAC, specifically China, has slowed the rate of IPOs over the last few years. AMER and EMEA are generally steady. We expect a surge of IPO's in AMER in 2021.


Higher Education and Workforce IPOs have steadily increased while K12 retains a 50% share in an average year.

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HolonIQ tracks the performance of all education stocks globally, delivering insights to customers with analysis by geography, model and segment.

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