We're building cutting-edge computational engines to generate new knowledge on the global impact economy.

Machine Intelligence for the Global Impact Economy

The world generates massive amounts of data — far more than human analysts can handle. As a result, much of it remains unexplored and under-utilized. HolonIQ generates new knowledge and insights on the global impact economy by combining powerful open-source frameworks with proprietary machine learning and natural language processing.

Connected Knowledge

Building a realtime knowledge graph.

Inference and Prediction

Evaluating relationships and predicting outcomes.


Mapping and charting for insight and visual context.

Explore Our Engines

HolonOS is our proprietary operating system, powered by an array of computational engines, rigorously developed and trained on the global impact economy. HolonOS' modular architecture allows each engine to be developed independently and then deployed collectively across different verticals and use cases. While we invest a significant amount of time and resources on research and development, we're just getting started on an ambitious vision to develop advanced research technology to accelerate the impact economy and solve the world’s most important social and environmental challenges.

Knowledge Engine

Every day, _volt our real-world knowledge engine reads over one million documents from 50,000+ sources in 100+ countriesidentify the key strategic developmentsl impact economy. Everything _volt learns is connected to build on our global knowledge graph.

Quantitative Engine

_ken builds quantitative metrics for qualitative aspects such as risk. It connects datasets, seeks to identify inferences and predicts levels & outcomes.

Supply Chain Engine

_pact maps government procurement activity to identify and measure the flow of goods and services through the global impact economy.

Skills Engine

_opal maps the skills and knowledge that power the global impact economy. _opal tracks green jobs, health jobs and skills pathways. It can map on dimensions such as diversity, automation and augmentation.

Impact Engine

Ultimately everything we do is to power global leaders making decisions that matter. We deliver augmented intelligence for governments, institutions, firms and investors who are shaping the global impact economy.

Visualization Engine

_arc is an advanced visualization engine, turning billions of data points into beautifully accessible visual representations. See and understand trends, outliers and patterns in impact data like never before with _arc.

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