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Global Education Market Intelligence Platform

Cloud Based Education Market Intelligence Platform to explore the connections, trends, and insights that will help you understand your customers, competitors and markets.




Advanced Visualization.

HolonIQ’s Analytics Studio provides powerful search, filtering and charting tools to convey findings and surface insights quickly and easily. Build and export impactful data charts, explore interactive visualizations and export. (5)

Collaborate & Share.

Discuss and refine your ideas with colleagues. Share knowledge and collaborate across your team with Workspaces, Notes, Scoring, Custom lists and Notifications.
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Build Collections and Lists.

Make sense of the global education landscape with over 500 pre-built collections across markets, sectors, categories, cohorts and more. Quickly identify groups of organizations in the same category. Build your own Clusters to create lists of organizations that are important to you. (7)


Discover the worlds largest dataset on global education. With a focus on innovation & technology, the HolonIQ Market Intelligence Platform covers the organizations, capital, talent, research and analysis that are powering the future of learning. (7)
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Expert Market Analysis.

Access to ongoing analysis across the world’s key education markets, Prepared by HolonIQ’s analysts and our network of global market experts, HolonIQ customers gain access to proprietary insights on 12+ key global markets, investment trends, companies to watch, policy updates and an index of 3000+ of the world’s best research and reports across all areas of education and talent. Organized, tagged and discoverable.


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Market Map Builder.

The platform holds thousands of pre-built Market Maps, and auto-creates market maps for clusters that you build. Pre-built Market Maps are organised by Region, Sector, Model, Employees, Revenue and Funding so you can identify similar companies on these dimensions.

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Global Market Sizing.

Market sizing functionality on the platform allows you to quickly see the size, shape and velocity of education markets at a granular level and by multiple dimensions. Filter, sort and select at the Sector, Sub-Sector or Cluster level, by key geographies.

HolonIQ has developed a proprietary methodology for market sizing, combining our ‘top-down’ global education economic model, powered by insights from market experts from around the world, with cutting-edge ‘bottom-up’ machine-learning driven revenue estimates for tens of thousands of institutions and firms.

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Build scoring rubrics to support strategic procurement, investment screening or talent shortlisting. Score, organise and surface people and organisations that matter to you.

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Screening & Targeting.

Find, filter and follow markets, thematics, organisations and people. Zero in fast. Get alerts on areas of interest.

Powerful filtering, screening and organizing tools allow you to analyse across dimensions such as segment, sector, org size, business model, founded date, key words, location, funding and revenue. Start with your own criteria and run your own screen, or use pre-built screens.

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Trend Mapping.

Explore and make sense of the complex and interlinked drivers transforming global issues. We track and map emerging trends and disruptive technology to capture opportunities and mitigate risks created by forces shaping the new education economy.

Create your own trend or issue maps. Structure complexity to make sense of drivers, risks and opportunities.

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Where is this data coming from?

HolonIQ is the world's leading impact intelligence platform. We support governments, institutions, firms and investors, with data insights to power decisions that matter. If you are not already a client, request a demo to learn more about our platform.
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