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HolonIQ for Venture Capital

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Source, Evaluate and Manage Dealflow.

HolonIQ’s granular data empowers you to easily discover companies that are a strategic fit, ready for funding or primed for acquisition.

Proactively source investments and keep your pipeline full.
Create private clusters and track your portfolio in their competitive context.
Track funding milestones on companies and clusters you care about.
Streamline your due diligence on potential targets by analyzing their health and potential all in one place.


Inform your Investment Thesis.

Follow all financing and exit activity to see where deals are happening, which industries are yielding outsized returns and which companies are gaining traction.

Inform your investment thesis with superior private market intelligence.
Analyze investment and exit activity in a specific space to determine whether or not you should invest.
Track other investors‘ portfolios to better understand their strategies and where they‘re finding success.


Smarter Investing.

HolonIQ intelligence provides enriched data on thousands of investment targets. Organised, categorised and searchable.

Quickly vet a company with insight into its financing history, cap table, series terms, EBITDA, deal multiples, investors, executives and more.
Zero in on companies that match your investment preferences, from capital raised and growth stage to industry and location.
Use granular company and deal data to build more precise comps and price your investments with confidence.

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Identify Advanced Tech Trends.

Advanced technology is a fast moving space. Identify the right targets and move  quickly with access to HolonIQ’s data and analysis on AI, Blockchain, XR, Robotics and Voice/Chat.

Understand where advanced technologies will create value in education.
Spot traction early. Identify false starts ahead of time.
Evaluate advanced tech. opportunities from an informed standpoint.


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Identify Disruptive Startups.

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Track Investment Trends.

Monitor global education investment. 

Track all venture activity, identify trends in the market and see which VC/PE firms, strategics, and other entities are participating in venture rounds.
Monitor where money is flowing in specific clusters, sectors and geographies to inform your decisions.
Follow competitors’ moves—see when they get funding, where they’re making investments and making returns.

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Save Time and Money.

Power your analyst team to deliver results faster.

Stop scrubbing data in spreadsheets, tracking news, v-lookups and pivot tables and more time working out the implications and taking action.
Easily identify different types of organizations, cluster by category, market or country, capture funding rounds and financing.
Export information into Excel/CSV formats.


The HolonIQ platform allows you to build custom lists and share with your team.

Build clusters of interesting companies and share with your team.
Avoid double-handling by sharing your notes on target companies with other team members.
Keep your insights, notes and instructions co-located with enriched company data.

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