Future of Education and Workforce Summit

Doha. 18-19 October 2019

Doha skyline and arches at Museum of Islamic art, Qatar

Ideas, insights and connections for the new learning and talent economy.

The HolonIQ Summit is an invitation-only executive roundtable held each year across the world’s most innovative cities. Our Doha Summit is proudly in partnership with WISE.

The HolonIQ ‘Future of Education and Workforce’ Summit Series convenes 1,000 leaders across nine invitation-only events around the world, generating ideas, delivering insight, and making the connections that help shape the new learning and talent economy.

2019 Themes

Global Education Tipping Points - Gradually then Suddenly.

Asia’s rapid rise and cross-border live-online tutoring markets. US admissions, student debt, and political pressure. Europe’s inertia and momentum. Africa’s Next Billion. Global student flows in a de-globalizing world.

Advanced Technology. AI’s Potential to Transform Learning & Talent Acquisition

Artificial Intelligence and data’s influence on learning processes and digital transformation. Smart Content and Intelligent Instruction. Testing & Assessment. Verification and expression analysis meets ethics and explainable AI.

MOOCs, OPMs & Bootcamps. The rise and rise of PPPs and last-mile learning.

From 2U, Learning House and Coursera to Trilogy, Lambda School and Andela. New models, new moves, B2C swings B2B and employability-as-a-service. The rise of skills verification and the reshaping of the post-secondary landscape.

Talent, Workforce & Automation into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Look out education, here comes talent. Enterprise is moving up the human capital value chain and taking on learning to enable digital transformation, re-skilling, smarter acquisition and contingent workforces.

Venture Capital and Private Equity. Global Flows, Turnarounds and Exits.

Emerging trends in financing education. ISAs and institutional accountability. Regional and cross-border venture capital flows. PE’s bricks and mortar obsession. The evolution of EdTech accelerators.

Regional Benchmarking. Ahead or Behind. Boiling Frog or Fast Follower.

Benchmarking national AI and STEAM policies. Regional Venture Capital and Private Equity plays. Capital Market’s long on learning, short on opportunities.

Unicorns, IPOs & Takeovers. Education and Mainstream Capital Markets

Global EdTech Unicorn evolution. Pre IPO watchlist, IPO trends. Roll-Ups and Backdoors, Turnarounds and Takeovers. The evolution of the global listed education market and domestic institutional demand.

Schools Out. The Pre-K Boom, Regional School Networks & Alternative Models

Avenues, GEMS & Whittle – the global mega school market. $50B in fees and 10,000 International School later. EdTech’s influence on the booming Early Childhood learning Market.

Evolution or Revolution. Digital Transformation of K12, VET and HE.

Tortoise or Hare? Cloud or Cupboard? Digital innovation is coming ready or not, whether evolution or revolution is yet to be seen. What will the post-secondary landscape look like in 10 years which models and players will be on top?