Future of Education and Workforce Summit

Berlin. 3 December 2019 @ Babbel HQ

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Ideas, insights and connections for the new learning and talent economy.

The HolonIQ ‘Future of Education and Workforce’ Summit Series convenes 1,000 leaders across nine invitation-only events around the world, generating ideas, delivering insight, and making the connections that help shape the new learning and talent economy.

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HolonIQ Summits are intimate one-day events designed for leaders, executives and investors shaping the global learning & talent economy. We create unique opportunities for executives to discuss and learn from peers who share their own experiences and perspectives.


Berlin Agenda

Tuesday, 3 December 2019


Registration. Coffee and Networking


Global Education Landscape (Plenary)

As 2019 comes to a close, we reflect on a decade of innovation, investment and technology in education and look ahead towards scenarios for education in 2030. Asia’s rapid rise and cross-border live-online tutoring markets. US admissions, student debt, and political pressure. Europe’s inertia and momentum. Africa’s Next Billion. Global student flows in a de-globalizing world.

Maria Spies

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ

Patrick Brothers

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ


Digital Skills powering the 21C workforce.

The development of digital skills is critical for all professions and jobs of the future, but traditional education is struggling to move fast enough to deliver what's needed for the 21C workforce. This session discusses innovations in workforce training models, the development of digital citizenship and creating an entrepreneurial mindset.

Steffen Ganders

Director Corporate Affairs at Samsung Electronics


Beth Havinga

Founder at Connect EdTech



In 2007, Babbel didn’t just enter the online language learning market – they started it. Since then, a threefold challenge has driven them: Everyone. Learning. Languages. Today, Babbel is the world’s top-grossing language learning app. With Babbel, millions of users learn 14 languages with tailored courses from 8 different display languages. Available for the web, iOS and Android, the app features bite-sized lessons that fit into everyday life. Lessons are delivered through professionally-designed, scientifically proven real-life scenarios that range from introducing oneself, to ordering food and making travel arrangements. This way, Babbel gets learners conversational right from the start, enabling them to ease into everyday conversations. In fact, 73% of Babbel’s users feel they’d be able to hold a short conversation after just five hours of using the app. Fast Company Magazine recognized Babbel as the most innovative company in education.

Miriam Plieninger

Director of Didactics at Babbel


Patrick Brothers

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ


Networking Break


Venture Capital Insights

Venture Capital investment into eduction and training is expected to reach almost $8B in 2019. In this session, experienced education investors discuss where venture capital is flowing into education and why, along with the different patterns of investment seen between Europe, the US and other geographies.

Richard Male

Venture Partner

George Straschnov

Managing Director at Bisk Ventures


Patrick Brothers

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ


Softbank Robotics

Robotics in education is set to double in value with global spending of $3.1b by 2025. As one of the world's most well known innovators in this space, Softbank Robotics will provide an outline of how robotics is being used in STEM education and current applications in social-emotional learning. We will hear about how robotics in education is likely to shape up over the next 10 years.

Jonathan Boiria

Head of Sales at SoftBank Robotics Europe


Maria Spies

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ


Networking Lunch


Labster. XR and Immersive Education

Funding into VR in education is expected to reach $12.6B by 2025 as uses of virtual reality become more accepted in both K12 and corporate training. Fresh from a $21m capital raising, Labster is providing VR lab simulations in science subjects to schools and universities around the world. This session provides an overview of the demand for VR education, impacts being seen.

Mikkel Marfelt

Director, Investor Relations and New Strategic Initiatives at Labster


Maria Spies

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ


Sana Labs

Based out of Sweden, Sana Labs partners with education providers for personalized learning solutions. In this session, the CEO provides insights about the use of AI in learning processes across global markets and discusses both the issues and impact of AI in education.

Joel Hellermark

Founder and CEO, Sana Labs


Maria Spies

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ



Afterschool tutoring models are evolving and the market for online tutoring is now one of the largest areas globally, with millions of students accessing an online tutor - either human or bot - every day. Hear from the CEO of Austrian online tutoring company GoStudent about the innovations in online tutoring and in particular how AI is impacting learning and delivery.

Felix Ohswald

Founder of GoStudent


Maria Spies

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ


Closing Session

Maria Spies

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ

Patrick Brothers

Managing Director and Co-Founder, HolonIQ


Close and Networking