Win more business. Deliver faster engagements. Add more value.

HolonIQ for Professional Services

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Find New Clients. Faster.

Know what’s happening, as it happens. Reach out to leads armed with relevant real-time information and become their trusted partner. 

Build relationships, so they come to you every time they need support.
See when companies get funding—that’s when they’re growing, have capital to spend and need your services as they expand.
Follow investors to identify when they need a firm to help facilitate transactions.
Get in early with promising startups and work with them as they grow.


Determine the Right Timing.

Timing matters. HolonIQ intelligence data allows you to anticipate when companies need your services. 

Follow transactions like mergers, acquisitions and infusions of debt.
Anticipate when companies will undergo big changes (like management restructuring, relocation or expansion).
Monitor funding rounds—that‘s companies are growing, have capital to spend and need your products or services as they expand.
Find companies up for bid, in IPO registration or reaching the end of their runway (when they’re ready for funding or acquisition).


Predict Emerging Trends.

Stay on top of emerging education trends and ensure you are in the best position to advise clients.

Track how emerging and disruptive technologies are being used in education and training contexts.
Follow advanced technology development and applications, early investment and startups.
Monitor all education investment activity to understand where capital is flowing and how the global education market is shifting.

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Track Investment Trends.

Capital flow provides engagement opportunities. 

Track all venture activity, identify trends in the market and see which private equity firms, strategics, and other entities are participating in venture rounds.
Monitor where money is flowing in specific clusters, sectors and geographies and use this information to your firms advantage.
Follow competitors’ moves—see when they get funding and where they’re making investments, to better understand the trends driving your industry.

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Save Time.

Power your analyst team to deliver results faster.

Stop scrubbing data in spreadsheets, tracking news, v-lookups and pivot tables and more time working out the implications and taking action.
Easily identify different types of organizations, cluster by category, market or country, capture funding rounds and financing.
Export information into Excel/CSV formats.

Provide Better Advice.

Ensure you have a deep, data-rich understanding of your clients context and competitive environment.

Provide value-added insight to clients by quickly identifying risks, trends and opportunities.


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