Gain insight from global education market data with the HolonIQ Platform

Global Education Market Intelligence Platform


Global Education Intelligence Platform

HolonIQ’s global intelligence platform is the world’s most comprehensive data-set on the global education market.

Core 1

Index Massive Global Data Sets

We index billions of data points, signals and research about education startups, technologies, deal flow, schools, universities, jobs, skills, research and patents.

Core 2

Human + Machine Learning Smarts

We build custom taxonomies and apply machine learning algorithms to evaluates and identifies patterns in data about global innovation and growth trends.

Core 3

Insights to Power Decisions that Matter

We generate insights that help educators, entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors make data-driven strategic decisions

Where is this data coming from?

HolonIQ is the world's leading impact intelligence platform. We support governments, institutions, firms and investors, with data insights to power decisions that matter. If you are not already a client, request a demo to learn more about our platform.
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Map your market and build custom feeds around your strategy

Build custom feeds for your whole team to track. Whether it’s early, middle or late stage companies, tap into the industry’s most complete and real-time data.


Stay ahead of industry news and trends

Global, real time and verified. Newsflow on education and EdTech companies, sectors, technologies, countries, investors and deals drawn from global sources. Follow your favorites, set alerts, stay up to date.


Follow the leaders. Rank the rest.

Hundreds of leaderboards across every country, cluster and city tracking the universities, startups and technologies trending up, trending down and breaking out of the pack.


Identify market leaders, movers and new entrants

It’s time to get serious. Spend less time searching Google and Baidu then updating that spreadsheet and more time analysing and understanding education globally. HolonIQ covers over 1 million schools, 20,000 universities and colleges and 50,000 education technology companies, startups, agents and and service organizations around the world.


Analyze macro and micro trends.

Follow all education technology and innovation activity, investment and M&A to understand where talent and capital is flowing and how the market is shifting. Analyze investment activity in a specific space, as well as valuation trends, multiples and more.


Compare Trends

Compare and score companies, organisations or technologies on dimensions that are important to you. Uncover hidden gems. Know what’s hot and what’s not. Get the data you need.


Explore China. The world’s largest and fastest growing education market.

China’s investment in education and technology is almost double the US and growing twice as fast. With more than 800 million K12 and 500 million post secondary students by 2030, it’s time to start following the world’s largest education market.


Go Head to Head

Which is best? Use Head to Head functionality to compare organisations, startups, competitors or investors on specific dimensions. Use real data to inform your decisions.



Compare Tech Stacks

Understanding technology stacks and knowing when they change can reveal a lot about a business or institution.

Moving to more scalable solutions can be an indicator of growth or new tech implementations can reveal new products or services. Knowing your competitors or industry-standard tech stack helps benchmarking.


Target new markets. Benchmark them all.

Growth is defined by the markets you choose to compete in. HolonIQ benchmarks over 50 countries, identifying the clusters that are trending up, down and breaking out in each market so that you place your bets in the right places.


Network to build knowledge, profile and source new opportunities.

Enhance your network and target the right events from all around the world. Discover the conferences, meet-ups and webinars happening in different countries and cities and learn about networking opportunities before your peers.

Track over 1,000 events each year in 50+ cities and follow the conversation.