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Stay ahead of the online higher education market with the world’s largest consolidated dataset of OPM and MOOC programs.

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1377 University Partnerships.

HolonIQ’s Market Intelligence Platform is the world’s largest dataset on digital higher education. Tracking 1377 University Partnerships with OPMs, Bootcamps, and International Pathways.

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International Higher Education. Emerging Digital Models.

12 April 2021. 

New possibilities and ideas are helping to re-envision how international higher education might look post-COVID.

Coursera and 300+ Global Education IPOs

7 April 2021. 

Coursera made its market debut on the New York Stock Exchange late March through an IPO and is now trading under the ticker symbol “COUR.” The company raised $520M and closed it’s first day of trading with a $5.9 billion market cap.

MOOCs. Then. Now. Next

1 April 2021. 

Tracking the evolution of the MOOC, which started the last decade as a proof of concept and finished with 380 million students globally.

Makers, Marketplaces and MOOCs. The Anatomy of Online Course Platforms.

18 March 2021. 

Zooming out to make sense of the global online course platform landscape.