Innovation and the Opioid Crisis

A $40B+ industry in the US alone. Big Fines for Big Pharma, emerging policy and new  “Addiction Tech” on a mission to change the paradigm for the treatment of pain.


The treatment of drug, alcohol and other substance addictions in the US alone is estimated to be a $40B+ industry that is being targeted by a range of tech innovators looking to disrupt a sector struggling to cope with the spiraling opioid crisis.

Digital health firms are adopting a variety of business models to shake up this relatively unreformed market, including; telehealth, remote prescribing, digital cognitive behavior therapy, peer support networks and audiovisual sensory treatments. In the 12 months to April 2021 deaths from drug overdoses passed 100k in the US, a 28.5% increase on the same period the year before.

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Where is this data coming from?

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