Exploring Higher Education Digital Transformation in 2022

HolonIQ’s Higher Education series continues with 5 new webinars.

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Join us for a new Higher Education Digital Transformation Webinar Series for 2022. The series explores topics covering the latest data on international education, the future of OPMs, and where to next for new credentials.

HE Webinar 1. Digital Transformation. Where are we now?

This session focuses on how HE institutions around the world are building digital into their core capabilities, their areas of focus for digital and which dimensions are considered highest priority. One year on from HolonIQ’s last global Higher Education Panel survey, we look at the changes made since last year and some of the persistent challenges for Higher Education leaders in their digital transformation journey.

HE Webinar 2. The Size and Shape of International Education in a new Competitive Landscape.

International Education is about to re-boot globally, but the last two years has seen shifts in demand, learner preferences, and changes in approach by governments. A new competitive landscape has emerged, both on the demand side and the supply side.

This session maps the size of the International Education Market and discusses how it is likely to grow over the coming years. We will unpack the drivers in key markets and cover how changes in the last two years will impact the future of International Education.

HE Webinar 3. The Future of OPMs and the Changing Partnership Market.

Universities are increasingly opting for partnerships with OPM providers to accelerate progress towards their institutional objectives in online delivery, with the global pandemic and move to online learning placing greater pressure on institutions to go digital, fast. Even pre-COVID, HolonIQ analysis shows that this $13B market is growing at a faster rate than regular online education delivery and partnerships are being taken up by institutions of all sizes, geographies and public/private status.

This webinar provides a global update on public-private-partnerships between universities and OPM providers, discusses some of the emerging thematics related to partnership models and looks forward to how things might shake out in the coming years.

HE Webinar 4. HE Digital Transformation in Latin America.

Latin America & the Caribbean is home to 30 million students studying 60,000 programs at 10,000 Higher Education (HE) institutions. While there has been a significant increase in HE participation over the last decade, uptake of digital has been limited until recently.

Join HolonIQ and the Inter-American Development Bank to learn more about digital transformation in the region’s higher education sector, including a current state assessment, the key challenges for institutions, which capabilities are seen as most important for the future and what education leaders in the region see as the support needed to improve digital maturity.

HE Webinar 5. New credentials. Where next?

Informed by academic research and with input from higher education leaders globally, the HEDC Framework offers an overarching view for institutions to map and measure digital capabilities across the learner lifecycle, ultimately to support practical and sustainable approaches to digital services and online learning.

Institutional capabilities have been mapped to four connected dimensions across the lifecycle, from Demand & Discovery (DD) to Learning Design (LD), Learner Experience (LX) and Work & Lifelong Learning (WL).

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