US EdTech. Late-Stage Venture Funding Deep Dive

The United States EdTech market has led a global wave to transform the way the world learns. Q1 2021 has seen a massive VC funding expansion in the US, already half of the 2020 funding total at the end of the first quarter.

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115 US headquartered EdTech companies completed 197 VC rounds > $20M since 2011. This report uses the HolonIQ Intelligence Platform to analyze late stage venture capital trends in the US market across exit status, sector, sub sector, cluster and geographic dimensions.

HolonIQ examined nearly 200 late-stage venture rounds invested in EdTech companies headquartered in the US in our latest research note exclusive to HolonIQ clients. The purpose of the analysis is to guide current and aspiring late-stage companies on capital management and corporate strategy and to map the market for potential acquirers, investors and boards on their ‘exit-ready’ work with management teams.

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Global Analysis

HolonIQ’s Intelligence Unit are internal power users of our Intelligence Platform and regularly prepare research notes and deep dives for HolonIQ clients from Pre-K to Workforce, and across global markets and market segments. Advanced data visualization, market maps and sizing, lists and collections, collaboration, sharing & alerts are some of the tools available, allowing HolonIQ customers to make sense of and stay ahead of key trends, identify early opportunities and support their strategic decisions. If you aren’t already a client, Request a Demo to learn more about our platform.

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Market Intelligence Platform

This report was created with data from HolonIQ’s Market Intelligence platform, the global source for education market intelligence trusted by leading firms, investors, institutions and government agencies around the world.  Learn more about the Platform.


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Where is this data coming from?

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