80 Women from 25 Countries Leading Global Digital Health Startups.

Spotlighting the women leading the world’s most promising Digital Health Startups.

Collection of profile portraits or heads of female cartoon characters.

80 CEOs from our inaugural Digital Health 1000 are women. We're celebrating this inspirational cohort and hoping this spotlight inspires action and support for more women entrepreneurs around the world.

HolonIQ identified the top 1000 Digital Health startups around the world. Region by region, we mapped the most promising Digital Health startups, both early and late stage. We mapped the Africa Digital Health 50, Australia and New Zealand Digital Health 100, East Asia Digital Health 100, Europe Digital Health 200, India and South Asia Digital Health 100, LATAM Digital Health 50, MENA Digital Health 50, North America Digital Health 200 and finally the Southeast Asia Digital Health 50. To be eligible, these companies had to be startups (i.e. not acquired, controlled or listed), operating in health technology, and generally less than 10 years old.

We’re celebrating the women leading these incredible startups as CEOs or Co-CEOs, and the work they’re doing across Digital Health companies around the world. Through our work at HolonIQ, which is also co-founded and co-led by a woman, we are determined to play our part in eliminating the gender gap in leadership, entrepreneurship and education.

Despite the progress made in parity for women, there’s still an enormous amount to be done. Our Global State of Play Report on Women CEOs and Leadership (from last International Women’s day) around the world deep dives into the numbers across different industries to highlight the areas making most progress and where much work is still to be done.

80 Women from 25 Countries Leading Global Digital Health Startups.

The following amazing women are leading the most promising Digital Health Startups globally. With an estimated 90% failure rate, building and running a Digital Health startup is not for the faint-hearted, and research shows that barriers for women looking to start or lead a successful business remain high. The women you see below have not only overcome significant odds but are focused on making a difference in the lives of millions worldwide. Congratulations on your impact so far and we look forward to tracking your progress over the coming years.

If by chance we have missed a women CEO who leads a Digital Health company selected in HolonIQ’s Global Digital Health 1000 Series, please contact us immediately and we will update the list.

South Asia - Aastha Dusad - MEDdelivery

Aastha Dusad

Co-founder at MEDdelivery

ANZ - Alice Williams - Ovira

Alice Williams

Founder at Ovira

ANZ - Alison Hardacre - Halaxy

Alison Hardacre

Co-founder and Co-CEO at Halaxy

North America-Alison Richards-Bind

Alison Richards

CEO at Bind Benefits UHC Ancillary

North America-Anurati Mathur-Sempre Health

Anurati Mathur

Co-founder and CEO at Sempre Health

ANZ - April Creed - ExSitu

April Creed

Executive Director and Co-founder at ExSitu

North America - April Koh - Spring Health (Other Healthcare Technology Systems)

April Koh

Co-Founder and CEO at Spring Health

Arpi Shah

Arpi Shah

Co Founder and CEO at Toothsi

North America - Ashwini Zenooz - Commure

Ashwini Zenooz

CEO at Commure

ANZ - Bronwyn Le Grice - AND

Bronwyn Le Grice

Founder, CEO, and Managing Director at ANDHealth

Sub Saharan Africa - Caroline Corbett - SmartBlade

Caroline Corbett

Co-Founder at SmartBlade

Europe - Caroline Xu - ViGeneron

Caroline Xu

Co-Founder and CEO at ViGeneron

North America - Carolyn Magill - Aetion

Carolyn Magill

CEO at Aetion

North America -Carolyn Witte - Tia (Clinics-Outpatient Services)

Carolyn Witte

Co-Founder and CEO at Tia

South East Asia-Charlotte Jackson-Meditech Solution

Charlotte Jackson

CEO at Meditech Solution

North America-Christine Lemke-Evidation

Christine Lemke

Co-founder and Co-CEO at Evidation Health

ANZ - Cortina McCurry - Caia

Cortina McCurry

Founder and CEO at Caia

Europe-Cyndi Williams - Quin (Other Healthcare Technology Systems)

Cyndi Williams

Founder and CEO at Quin

Daphne Koller_CF_Coursera

Daphne Koller

Founder and CEO at Insitro

Sub Saharan Africa - Daphne Ngunjiri - Access Afya

Daphne Ngunjiri

CEO at Access Afya

South East Asia-Dorothea K-Bot MD

Dorothea K.

Founder and CEO at Bot MD

Europe-Eliane Schutte-Xeltis

Eliane Schutte

CEO at Xeltis

ANZ - Elise Sutherland - Stelect

Elise Sutherland

Founder and CEO at Stelect

East Asia- Fang Zhang- Nekuino

Fang Zhang

President and CEO at Nekuino

Latin America-Gabriela Gutiérrez-Microgenesis

Gabriela Gutiérrez

Founder at Microgenesis

Middle East _ North Africa - Galit Zuckerman - Medasense

Galit Zuckerman

Founder and CEO at Medasense

South Asia-Geetha Manjunath-Niramai

Geetha Manjunath

Founder and CEO at Niramai

South East Asia-Gillian Tee-Homage (Elder and Disabled Care)

Gillian Tee

Founder and CEO at Homage

Sub Saharan Africa - Ginyu Toh - Klarah

Ginyu Toh

Founder and CEO at Klarah

Europe- Gloria Seibert- Temedica

Gloria Seibert

Founder and CEO at Temedica

ANZ - Heba Shaheed - The Pelvic Expert

Heba Shaheed

Director and Female Health Consultant at The Pelvic Expert

ANZ - Helen Souris - Carrdihab

Helen Souris

CEO at Carrdihab

Middle East & North Africa - Hila Goldman-Aslan - DiA Imaging Analysis

Hila Goldman-Aslan

Co-Founder and CEO at DiA Imaging Analysis

North America-Jeni Mayorskaya.-Stork Club

Jeni Mayorskaya

Founder and CEO at Stork Club

Europe- Joanne Vatz- Cirdan

Joanne Vatz

President at Cirdan

North America-Jodi Akin-Hawthorne Effect

Jodi Akin

Founder, Chairman and CEO at Hawthorne Effect

North America-Julia Cheek-Everly Health

Julia Cheek

Founder and CEO at Everly Health

North America-Julia Hu-Lark (Other Healthcare Services)

Julia Hu

Founder and CEO at Lark

North America-Kate Ryder-Maven Clinic

Kate Ryder

Founder and CEO at Maven Clinic

Europe-Katleen Verleysen-miDiagnostics

Katleen Verleysen

CEO at miDiagnostics

Middle East _ North Africa - Kelly Londy - Nuvo

Kelly Londy

CEO at Nuvo

North America-Kristina Saffran-Equip (Healthcare Services)

Kristina Saffran

Co-founder and CEO at Equip

South East Asia-Levana Sani-NalaGenetics

Levana Sani

Co-founder and CEO at NalaGentics

North America -Lisa Alderson- Genome Medical

Lisa Alderson

Co-founder and CEO at Genome Medical

North America-Lucia Huang-Osmind

Lucia Huang

Co-founder and CEO at Osmind

North America-Maayan Gonnen-Cohen- Hello Heart

Maayan Gonnen-Cohen

Co-founder and CEO at Hello Heart

Latin America-Manoela Ribas Mitchell-Pipo Saúde

Manoela Ribas Mitchell

Co-Founder and CEO at Pipo Saúde

ANZ - Manuri Gunawardena - Bionic Vision Technologies

Manuri Gunawardena

Founder and CEO at HealthMatch

Europe- Mary Kerr - NeRRe Therapeutics

Mary Kerr

CEO at NeRRe Therapeutics

ANZ - Megan Baldwin - Opthea

Megan Baldwin

CEO and Managing Director at Opthea

Europe-Merel Boers-NicoLab

Merel Boers

CEO at NicoLab

North America-Michelle Davey- Wheel (Healthcare Technology Systems)

Michelle Davey

Founder and CEO at Wheel

North America - Michelle Longmire - Medable

Michelle Longmire

Co-Founder and CEO at Medable

North America-Molly He-Element Biosciences

Molly He

CEO at Element Biosciences

North America-Naama Stauber Breckler-Better Health

Naama Stauber Breckler

Co-Founder and CEO at Better Health

Europe -Nadine Hachach-Haram - Proximie

Nadine Hachach-Haram

Founder at Proximie

North America-Nanea Reeves-Tripp

Nanea Reeves

Co-Founder and CEO at Tripp

North America -Naomi Allen- Brightline (Clinics-Outpatient Services)

Naomi Allen

Co-Founder and CEO at Brightline

ANZ - Nicole Liu - Kin Fertility

Nicole Liu

Founder at Kin Fertility

North America-Rachel Blank-Allara

Rachel Blank

Founder and CEO at Allara

ANZ - Rebecca Saunderson - Consentic

Rebecca Saunderson

CEO at Consentic

South Asia - Ruchi Gupta - 3Hcare

Ruchi Gupta

Founder at 3Hcare

South Asia-Runam Mehta-HealthCubed

Runam Mehta

CEO at HealthCubed

ANZ - Sally Krebs - Arli

Sally Krebs

Founder and CEO at Arli

South Asia - Sara Saeed Khurram - Sehat Kahani

Sara Saeed Khurram

CEO at Sehat Kahani

North America Sarahjane Sacchetti- Cleo

Sarahjane Sacchetti

CEO at Cleo

South Asia - Shashwata Narain - Veera Health

Shashwata Narain

Co-founder and CEO at Veera Health

Middle East _ North Africa - Sheila Oren - Pharma Two B

Sheila Oren

CEO at Pharma Two B

ANZ - Silvia Pfeiffer - Coviu

Silvia Pfeiffer

CEO at Coviu

Europe- Stephanie Eltz- Doctify

Stephanie Eltz

Co-founder and CEO at Doctify

South Asia - Swathi Kulkarni - Elda Health

Swathi Kulkarni

Co-founder & CEO at Elda Health

South Asia-Sylvana Q. Sinha-Praava

Sylvana Q. Sinha

Founder, Chair, and CEO at Praava Health

Middle East _ North Africa - Tammy Gilon - Laminate Medical Technologies

Tammy Gilon

CEO and Co-founder at Laminate Medical Technologies

North America - Toyin Ajayi - Cityblock

Toyin Ajayi

Co-founder and President at Cityblock

North America-Tracy Warren-Astarte Medical

Tracy Warren

CEO at Astarte Medical

North America-Varsha Rao-Nurx

Varsha Rao

CEO at Nurx

ANZ - Victoria Gordon - QBiotics

Victoria Gordon

CEO and Managing Director at QBiotics

Wardah Inam

Wardah Inam

Co-founder and CEO at Overjet

East Asia- Wonsun Chung- Obelab

Wonsun Chung

CEO at Obelab

Sub Saharan Africa - Zineb Drissi Kaitouni - DabaDoc

Zineb Drissi Kaitouni

Co-founder and CEO at DabaDoc

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