2021 Nordic & Baltic EdTech 50

HolonIQ’s annual list of the 50 most promising EdTech startups from the Nordic and Baltic region.

2021 Nordic-Baltic EdTech 50

The Nordic & Baltic EdTech 50 is HolonIQ's inaugural list of the 50 most promising EdTech startups from the Nordic and Baltic region of Europe.

HolonIQ’s annual Nordic & Baltic EdTech 50 includes EdTech startups based in the Nordic and Baltic countries of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden. This region of the world is renowned for both education and innovation with the 2021 cohort showing a strong mix from PreK, to Workforce learning and uses of advanced technology in learning processes. Startups in the 2021 cohort are both supporting their local context and making a significant impact on global markets.

Startups are categorized by their main focus. Categories in the market map are not mutually exclusive. 

2021 EdTech Badges

Most Promising EdTech 50

Using the HolonIQ platform, our Intelligence Unit team and market experts selected these 50 digital education companies out of almost 1500+ EdTech startups from the Nordic and Baltic countries, based on HolonIQ’s scoring fingerprint that includes capital, team, market, product and momentum.

Sweden & Finland make up half this year's cohort.

The Nordic and Baltic region has a strong ecosystem of EdTech startups across the lifecycle and is well known for a collaborative and supportive ecosystem through EdTech hubs and accelerators with good connections to education institutions and government ministries. This year’s cohort sees Swedish EdTech startups make up 30% of the group (up from 26% last year) and Finland a further 20%. Lithuania’s representation has doubled since last year with newer teams such as Pocklet, Turing College and Memby joining more mature startups like BitDegree.

Growth in workforce & skills EdTech. STEAM and Advanced Tech still strong.

Almost 60% of this year’s cohort are supporting K12 education with a growth in startups in Workforce learning compared wth last year. Digital content and online learning has also grown since last year to support the rapid update of online education, with growth stage teams such as mobile-first learning app, Funzi and AI learning platform Claned being joined startups such as two-year old learning platform for teachers, TeachersLeadTech.

Advanced Technologies and STEAM are traditional areas of strength for Nordic and Baltic EdTech, and this year sees simulated learning solutions such as Labster, Attensi, 3DBear and Ludenso along with gamified learning in Akribian and 99Math.

The workforce and skills segment include startups such as team upskilling platform, Marble,  interactive platform to learn code, Scrimba and Capeesh, language training for foreign workers.

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Track the 2021 Cohort

HolonIQ customers can track the 50 most promising EdTech startups in the Nordic and Baltic Region on the intelligence platform. Look for the 2021 Nordic and Baltic EdTech 50 list in the Lists tab of the Organizations page. Request a Demo if you are not a customer and would like to learn more.

Criteria & Methodology

The Nordic and Baltic EdTech 50 is focused on identifying young, fast growing and innovative learning and up-skilling start-ups working in the region. To be eligible, startups are generally less than 10 years old (though there are some exceptions), are either headquartered in the region, or predominately focused on this market (e.g. > 80% revenue/customers, are pre exit (not acquired or listed) and not a subsidiary of a larger company or controlled by an investor group (e.g. via private equity buyout or controlling investment).

Where is this data coming from?

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