109 new University Partnerships with OPMs, Bootcamps and Pathways in Q1 2021

Universities around the world are accelerating their adoption of Academic Public-Private Partnerships.

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2020 saw 300+ new academic public-private partnerships established and Q1 2021 has already seen 109 new partnerships across OPM, Bootcamp and International Pathways.

Based on the rate of partnership growth in Q1, 2021 may deliver over 400 new academic partnerships if growth continues at the same rate. Learn more about OPMs.

The US led the development and growth of the OPM model, now we are seeing an acceleration in adoption of OPM partnerships in international markets across Australia, Asia and Europe

For the first time in the history of the OPM market, more International partnerships were formed outside the US than domestically.

Bootcamp Partnerships are powering Universities with immersive, short-format programs in technology and new domains in business. Expert curriculum, deep industry relationships and hiring pathways are driving very fast growth in campus based and online programs.

2020 saw the number of Bootcamp partnerships around the world double, led by US University demand. Q1 is a strong start for 2021, setting up at least 50% growth on 2020.

We expect the Global OPX Market to grow at 19% CAGR, reaching $13.3B by 2025. Noting new Academic PPPs are growing at ~35% (new partnerships are in addition to existing partnerships) and the program portfolio within each partnership is likely expanding.

Q1 revealed strong growth through public data points supporting our outlook. 2U Inc announced 35% revenue growth for the full year 2020 over 2019. Coursera’s IPO revealed their degree revenue doubled from ~$15M in 2019 to ~30M in 2020. We’ve seen very strong growth in the non-degree partnership players. SEEK reported OES delivered revenue growth of 38% in Australia and Keypath is expected to IPO in June revealing more public data to inform our outlook.

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