Global Voting Part 2 - Education in 2030

6 July 2018. Boston, New York, San Francisco and Sydney vote on the Five Scenarios for Education in 2030.


What is the world saying about the future of education?

What will Education look like in 2030? Following our US and Australian events sharing 5 Scenarios for Education in 2030, we uncovered more insights on how the world is thinking about the future of Education.

After learning about the 5 Scenarios, audiences around the world voted on the likelihood of each scenario and which they would prefer, if forced to choose just one. One thousand voices joined this global research project and the sessions held in Beijing, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Paris, London, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Sydney sparked all sorts of conversations about where education might be heading.

Our first wrap on voting in Asia and Europe revealed a broad variety of perspectives reflecting many of the various social, economic and financial challenges and opportunities each market is facing. This week wraps up voting in the US and Australia outlined in brief below with deep dives into our findings over the coming weeks.

Download the Full Report - Education in 2030

Education in 2030 is a free 60 page report that deep dives through the four drivers of the global expansion in education and explains the methodology for developing and details behind the 5 Scenarios for the Future of Education. Over 100 charts, tables complete with sources and references for further research.

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SYD HHQ 2030

USA - P2P / Robo Revolution

Events held in Boston @ Learn Launch, New York with StartEd @ the EdTech Factory and San Francisco @ Minerva brought together teachers, entrepreneurs, university leaders and investors from local and international organisations. These three markets represent 80% of all investment in innovation and technology in the US as well as home to some of the most highly respected and ranked education institutions around the world.

The aggregate US vote was closer than most around the world with ‘Peer to Peer’ leading closely followed by ‘Robo Revolution’ and ‘Regional Raising’ not too far behind again. Many from around the world thought that the US vote might sway towards ‘Global Giants’ which came in as the second last preference.


Sydney - P2P / Robo Revolution

Sydney brought together a close knit community of education innovators at HaymarketHQ. A highly international meet-up representing all corners of formal and informal education, government and regulators together with investors and entrepreneurs represented one of the largest events we have held around the world over the last month.

Sydney followed most communities in voting for the ‘Peer to Peer’ scenario with a near negligible margin above ‘Robo Revolution’. The biggest difference to the US was an enormous margin between these two scenarios and the following two ‘Regional Rising’ and ‘Global Giants’ coming in together at 10% each. This voting result more closely mirrored that of Tel-Aviv with Australia a little more bullish on ‘Robo Revolution’ than their Israeli peers.


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2030 snapshots from the US and Australia