2018 Mega EdTech Deals

07 Feb 19. $3.2b, or almost 50% of all VC investment in 2018 occurred in just 27 deals each valued at over USD $50m.

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$3.2b, or almost 50% of all VC investment in 2018 occurred in just 27 deals each valued at over USD $50m.

China dominates in both the number and size of investment deals, with 5 deals >$250m last year. While the US recorded seven deals over $50m, India is certainly a market to watch with three mega-deals valued at $666m (and plenty more coming through the ranks).

France and Vietnam scored one deal each over $50m with online skills operators OpenClassrooms and Topica raising $60m and $50m respectively.

China 🇨🇳 makes up 70% of that cohort by deal value, India 🇮🇳 17%, US 🇺🇸 13%, France 🇫🇷 and Vietnam 🇻🇳 with one deal each make up the remaining 3%.

Six Categories

There are six clear categories emerging from analysis of the 2018 mega-deals.
1. After-school, tutoring & language learning accounts for 11 transactions totalling $1848m.
2. Online learning related investments have five deals spread across India, France, China and the USA, totalling $846m
3. Q&A Content platforms with three transactions totalling $750m
4. Education Management and Financing transactions totalled $290m
5. Schools attracted two big deals totalling $150m from China and India
6. Upskilling providers out of China and Vietnam attracted venture capital of $100m

HolonIQ Global VC 2018 Total

$8.2b of venture capital goes into education.

HolonIQ tracks all education related investment globally. In 2018, over 1000 education related transactions took place, with $8.2b of venture capital invested in the sector.

Source: HolonIQ

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China. USA. India. Europe.

China, with the largest education market in the world, has led education VC investment growth over the past five years and now makes up over 50% of all Global VC investment in education, the USA 20%, India, 10% and Europe 8%.

vc funding
HolonIQ Global EdTech Spend

Growing digital spend drives continued investment.

It is estimated that digital spend in education will be $342b by 2025. While this is still less than 5% of overall expenditure, expect to see an increased rate of technology integration into the existing sector and new models.

Source: HolonIQ

Where did this data come from?

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