2021 HE Digital Transformation Webinar Series

Join HolonIQ for the Higher Education Digital Transformation Webinar series as we explore the new models, technologies and partnerships that are emerging globally and discuss the future shape of higher education.

Upcoming Webinars

The re-shaping of the post-secondary education landscape has accelerated through COVID-19, with a notable increase in new uses of technology, novel business models and new competitors.  While pandemic has exposed a higher education sector generally unprepared for fully online instruction, there are also significant innovations occurring in higher education with new thinking, new skills and new approaches being developed. Join us as we explore the drivers, models and players shaping digital higher education.

Recent Research

Global OPM and OPX Market to reach $13.3B by 2025

3 March 2021. 

The US OPX market will double by 2025. International markets will see almost 4x growth.

Global Online Degree and Micro-Credential Market to reach $117B by 2025

3 March 2021. 

Our ‘Mid-COVID’ sizing update upgrades the outlook for Global Online Degrees and Micro-Credentials by $20B+.

Four Micro-Credentialing Themes to Explore in HE

2 March 2021. 

This second webinar in our Higher Education Digital Transformation series examined the size, shape and potential future scenarios for micro and alternative credentials. The webinar is part of a 2021 HolonIQ series exploring new models, technologies and partnerships emerging in Higher Education.

Sizing the Global EdTech Market. Mode vs Model

23 February 2021. 

D2C vs B2B. Hardware, Software, and Services. EdTech is growing fast as modes and models compete for growth around the world.