Global Impact SPACs

The complete list of SPACs targeting companies working to build a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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Global Impact SPACs

A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is a company with no commercial operations that is formed strictly to raise capital through an initial public offering (IPO) for the purpose of acquiring an existing company. Check out our 2-minute briefing on how SPACs work.

Impact SPACs could create a new source of capital for social impact and sustainable businesses. They target acquisitions in education, health, infrastructure, new energy, sustainability or that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As of 5 January 2021, there are now 88 Pre IPO and active Impact SPACs representing $19B of investment capital. This list will be updated quarterly.

NameSPAC TickerImpact FocusStatusSize $M USD
Adit EdTech Acquisition Corp. – S1ADEXEducationPre IPO$200
Class Acceleration Corp. – S1CLASEducationPre IPO$225
Edify Acquisition Corp. – S1EACEducationPre IPO$200
EdtechX Holdings Acquisition Corp. II – S1EDTXEducationSearching (Pre Unit Split)$100
OCA Acquisition Corp. – S1OCAXEducation / HealthPre IPO$130
Seven Oaks Acquisition Corp.SVOKESGSearching (Pre Unit Split)$259
Natural Order Acquisition CorpNOACFoodSearching (Pre Unit Split)$230
5:01 Acquisition CorpFVAMHealthSearching$83
Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp.AHACHealthSearching$100
Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition CorpAMHCHealthSearching$100
ARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp IIIARYAHealthSearching$150
Athlon Acquisition Corp.SWETHealthPre IPO$200
BCLS Acquisition Corp.BLSAHealthSearching$144
BCTG Acquisition CorpBCTGHealthSearching$167
Better World Acquisition Corp.BWACHealthSearching$127
Big Cypress Acquisition Corp.BCYPHealthPre IPO$75
Biotech Acquisition CompanyBIOTHealthPre IPO$200
Blue Water Acquisition Corp.BLUWHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$50
Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp.BCACHealthPre IPO$50
Chardan Healthcare Acquisition 2 CorpCHAQHealthSearching$86
CHP Merger CorpCHPMHealthSearching$302
CM Life Sciences, Inc.CMLFHealthSearching$443
Consonance-HFW Acquisition Corp.CHFWHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$80
Deerfield Healthcare Technology AcquisitionsDFHTHealthDefinitive Agreement$144
DFP Healthcare Acquisitions CorpDFPHHealthSearching$230
Edoc Acquisition Corp.ADOCHealthSearching$92
Eucrates Biomedical Acquisition Corp.EUCRHealthSearching$105
FoxWayne Enterprises AcquisitionFOXWHealthPre IPO$50
Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition CorpFLACHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$138
FS Development Corp.FSDCHealthDefinitive Agreement$105
GreenVision Acquisition CorpGRNVHealthSearching$58
Health Assurance Acquisition Corp.HAACHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$525
Health Sciences Acquisitions Corporation 2HSAQHealthSearching$160
Healthcare Capital Corp.HCCCHealthPre IPO$200
Healthcare Services Acquisition CorpHCARHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$331
Helix Acquisition CorpHLXAHealthSearching$115
HighCape Capital Acquisition Corp.CAPAHealthSearching$115
HumanCo Acquisition Corp.HMCOHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$313
Jiya Acquisition Corp.JYACHealthSearching$100
KL Acquisition CorpKLAQHealthPre IPO$250
LifeSci Acquisition II CorpLSAQHealthSearching$80
Locust Walk Acquisition Corp.LWACHealthPre IPO$130
Longview Acquisition Corp.LGVWHealthDefinitive Agreement$414
Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp.LUXAHealthSearching$345
Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp.MSACHealthPre IPO$80
MedTech Acquisition CorporationMTACHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$250
Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp.MAACHealthSearching$411
NextGen Acquisition CorporationNGACHealthSearching$350
Omega Alpha SPACOMEGHealthPre IPO$100
Panacea AcquisitionPANAHealthDefinitive Agreement$144
Petra Acquisition, Inc.PAICHealthSearching$70
Population Health Investment Co., Inc.PHICHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$173
Roth CH Acquisition I CoROCHHealthDefinitive Agreement$77
Roth CH Acquisition II CoROCCHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$115
Sarissa Capital Acquisition Corp.SRSAHealthSearching$200
SC Health CorpSCPEHealthSearching$175
SCP & CO Healthcare Acquisition CompanySHACHealthPre IPO$200
Senior Connect Acquisition Corp. ISNRHHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$414
Therapeutics Acquisition CorpRACAHealthSearching$136
Turmeric Acquisition CorpTMPMHealthSearching$85
Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp.VSPRHealthDefinitive Agreement$460
Viveon Health Acquisition Corp.VHAQHealthSearching (Pre Unit Split)$203
Hudson Executive InvestmentHECHealth / FintechSearching$414
AEA-Bridges Impact Corp.IMPXImpactSearching$400
Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. VHCICInfrastructurePre IPO$250
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp.NGAInfrastructureDefinitive Agreement$319
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. IINGABInfrastructurePre IPO$300
Qell Acquisition Corp.QELLInfrastructureSearching$380
ACON S2 Acquisition Corp.STWONew EnergySearching$250
ArcLight Clean Transition CorpACTCNew EnergySearching$250
Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp.BOACNew EnergySearching$608
Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp.BREZNew EnergySearching$117
CITIC Capital Acquisition CorpCCACNew EnergySearching$278
Decarbonization Plus Acquisition CorporationDCRBNew EnergySearching$200
East Resources AcquisitionERESNew EnergySearching$345
Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp.ENVINew EnergyPre IPO$150
Legato Merger Corp.LEGONew EnergyPre IPO$175
Peridot Acquisition Corp.PDACNew EnergySearching$300
Queen’s Gambit Growth CapitalGMBTNew EnergyPre IPO$225
Rice Acquisition Corp.RICENew EnergySearching$237
Rodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition Corp.RSVANew EnergySearching (Pre Unit Split)$230
Spartan Acquisition Corp. IISPRQNew EnergySearching (Pre Unit Split)$345
Star Peak Corp IISTPCNew EnergyPre IPO$350
Star Peak Energy Transition CorpSTPKNew EnergyDefinitive Agreement$384
Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition CorpSOACNew EnergySearching$300
Switchback Energy Acquisition CorpSBENew EnergyDefinitive Agreement$317
Switchback II CorporationSWBKNew EnergyPre IPO$250
Tortoise Acquisition Corp. IISNPRNew EnergySearching$345

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