Executive Roundtables

Experience-Based Insights from Peer Executives in Global Education


A Global Peer Executive Community

HolonIQ’s Executive Roundtables accelerate the success of innovation-oriented executives in education through the sharing of experience-based insights. Through our global network, leaders can leverage their peers to help tackle their most complex growth challenges.

Membership for Executive Roundtables is limited to senior executives in strategy, innovation, digital transformation and leadership roles at globally focused education organizations and institutions around the world.

Roundtable membership is through HolonIQ’s Global Insights subscription or by invitation only.


How It Works

Held twice per year over a half day at global innovation hubs, Executive Roundtables provide members with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and insights with their global peers. Each Roundtable event incorporates best practice research and discussion themes hosted by the world’s leading education operators, policy makers, innovators and investors.

Between meetings, members have access to the most comprehensive global analysis and data on education via the HolonIQ Monthly Executive Brief  and are involved in research surveys, webinars and other HolonIQ initiatives to support innovation, quality and growth for their organizations.

Topics Covered

Digital Transformation & Organizing for Innovation

Advanced Technology

Public/Private Partnerships and Investment Strategies

Global Growth Opportunities and Challenges

Upcoming Roundtables


United States

San Francisco, November 28, 2018
San Francisco, June 5, 2019
San Francisco, October 9, 2019

New York, November 29, 2018
New York, June 12, 2019
New York, October 16, 2019



Beijing, November 12, 2018
Beijing, March 20, 2019
Beijing, August 14, 2019



Paris, December 10, 2018
London, December 12, 2018
London, October 23, 2019



Bangalore, March 7, 2019
Mumbai, August 22, 2019
Delhi, November 2, 2019


South America

Sau Paulo, September 6, 2019


South East Asia

Kuala Lumpur, April 15, 2019
Singapore, August 19, 2019



Melbourne, November 21, 2018
Sydney, November 22, 2018
Melbourne, July 7, 2019

Cross Industry Perspectives

Innovative Education Leadership

Policy and Economic Development

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Entrepreneurs & Late Stage StartUps

Education Experts

Advanced Technology Teams

Global Organisations

School System Leaders

How It Works

Roundtables are held twice per year over a half day. Between meetings, roundtable members are involved in research surveys, webinars and regular calls with HolonIQ to help members work through their toughest challenges.