Discover the worlds largest dataset on global education. With a focus on innovation & technology, the HolonIQ Market Intelligence Platform covers the organizations, capital, talent, research and analysis that are powering the future of learning.

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Deep Data. Global Coverage. Expert Analysis.

With global reach and deep insights across markets, HolonIQ’s platform connects the data of 60k education organisations, 20k investments, acquisitions and IPOs, 40k education professionals, an index of 3k education research reports and 300+ HolonIQ market analyst notes with powerful functionality to support strategy, innovation, growth and investment decisions. (7)

Explore Markets.

Use the platform’s market pages to explore the companies, market developments, capital flow, policy, partnerships, trends and analysis by Sector and Sub-Sector segmentation, or by geography – Region, Sub-Region or Country.

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Track Market Developments. Never miss critical signals.

Using market experts across many regions of the world and technology that uses machine learning to identify, classify and analyse hundreds of thousands of signals, HolonIQ identifies and surfaces key developments – from policy to funding, partnerships, new products, market entries, recognition, incidents and acquisitions. Sort, filter and follow areas of interest. Know when things are happening in markets, understand why and how developments are connected to the broader picture.

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60k Organizations. Global Coverage.

Two thirds of the 60k organizations on the HolonIQ platform are private education companies – from small start-ups to global giants, with the remaining quarter covering schools, colleges, universities and investors. All organizations are allocated into one or more Cluster categories based on their purpose and activity.

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Deep Dive into Organizations.

Learn more about organizations of interest in a split second, with information about business model, sector, location, size, estimated revenue, funding and more.

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Track Global Capital Flows.

With 20k education deals recorded, track where money is flowing in specific markets, segments and make decisions based on this data. Follow competitors’ moves—see when they get funding and where they’re making investments—to better understand the trends driving your industry.

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HolonIQ indexes collections of data into datasets – A dataset is a parcel of data – for example, it could be higher education enrolments for a region, the change in spending by government education department, or student loan balances for various states. When users search for data, the search results they see will be individual datasets.

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Market Research. Expert Analysis.

Market insights by expert analysts on 12+ key global markets, investment trends, companies to watch and policy updates. Delivered monthly.  An index of 3000+ of the world’s best research and reports across all areas of education and talent. Organized, tagged and discoverable. 

Where is this data coming from?

HolonIQ is the world's leading impact intelligence platform. We support governments, institutions, firms and investors, with data insights to power decisions that matter. If you are not already a client, request a demo to learn more about our platform.
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