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HolonIQ for Corporate Development and M&A

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Fuel your Business Plan

Use industry and competitive intelligence to drive your business plan.

Track where money is flowing in specific clusters and make decisions based on this data.

Follow competitors’ moves—see when they get funding and where they’re making investments—to better understand the trends driving your industry.

Find opportunities that fit your strategy

Explore niche clusters of companies based on attributes that matter most to you or your client.

Quickly get a list of promising opportunities you can use to maintain your pipeline.

Find companies that make strategic sense to invest in, partner with or acquire using financial metrics (like valuations, revenue and multiples) as well as non-financial metrics (like employee count, web traffic and social followers).

Grow your business—fast

Identify and track potential customers. See when companies receive funding—and reach out with your product or service.

Anticipate when companies are ready for acquisition, monitor those opportunities and build relationships ahead of time.

Determine the right timing

Find companies that likely need a capital based on when they last received financing, how many employees they have and more.

Leverage insight into venture capital and private equity portfolios to see when companies are nearing the end of their holding period and are prime acquisition targets.

Follow transactions like mergers, acquisitions and infusions of debt to anticipate when companies will undergo big changes (like management restructuring, relocation or expansion).

Monitor the investments, acquisitions and IPOs of companies similar to you or your investments to determine the right time to exit.

See when companies get funding—that‘s when they‘re growing, have capital to spend and need your products or services as they expand.

Get in early with promising startups and work with them at every stage of their growth.

Find companies up for bid, in IPO registration or reaching the end of their runway (when they’re ready for funding or acquisition).

Discover new opportunities

Track all venture activity, identify trends in the market and see which private equity firms, strategics, and other entities are participating in venture rounds.

Look inside other investors‘ portfolios to better understand their strategies and where they’re finding success.

Discover emerging clusters and evaluate how companies are performing to inform your investment thesis.

Source promising investments

Sort through approaches and pitches faster and get the information you need to source and vet opportunities.

Zero in on companies that match your investment preferences, from capital raised and growth stage to cluster and location.

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