Analyst Briefing

Submit a short briefing about your company and we’ll update your profile on HolonIQ’s Intelligence Platform. Select companies that submit a briefing are invited each quarter to share an in-depth briefing with our Intelligence Unit.


HolonIQ receives thousands of requests for analyst briefings. Completing an Analyst Briefing form will help our Intelligence Unit to ensure they have the latest accurate information about your company's products, scale and momentum.

An Analyst Briefing is a research tool for analysts in HolonIQ’s Intelligence Unit, and an opportunity for a company to present its products, services and strategies. By completing an Analyst Briefing form, you are ensuring the HolonIQ Intelligence Platform has accurate and the latest information about your company. As we receive thousands of requests from companies to brief our Intelligence Unit, every quarter we select a number of companies that submit a briefing and invite those companies to share an in-depth briefing with our Intelligence Unit.

What happens in an in-depth Analyst Briefing?
During an Analyst Briefing, the flow of information predominates from the company to HolonIQ analysts and is not interactive. Analysts may ask questions of clarification during a briefing session, however, analyst feedback is not the focus and should not play a part or role within any given Analyst Briefing session. HolonIQ analysts schedule briefings at their discretion based purely on an interest in the company, its technologies and its marketplace, not because of any fee or contractual relationship.

Requesting an in-depth Analyst Briefing
To request a briefing with the Intelligence Unit, complete our Analyst Briefing online form.

Analyst Briefing Process and Typical Lead Time
Every analyst briefing form is reviewed within 24 hours of submission and the Intelligence Platform is updated within 7 days to reflect the key details you have submitted. The Intelligence Unit is a specialist team and only has the capacity to conduct a limited number of in-depth Analyst briefings each quarter. If your company is selected for an in-depth analyst briefing, we will provide as much notice as possible before scheduling a session.

Typical Venue for an Analyst Briefing
Analyst Briefings are typically 45 minutes in length with 1-2 analysts and are conducted via phone using HolonIQ’s web conferencing platform (Zoom). Dialing instructions are provided upon analyst confirmation. Audio briefings are recorded and accessible by HolonIQ analysts after the call. Face-to-face briefings are infrequent and are scheduled at the analyst’s discretion and based upon analyst travel requirements.

Maximizing Time With Analysts During an Analyst Briefing
The best approach is to provide the analysts with a concise story that clearly presents all your major points in less than five minutes. Who are you? What does your company do and why is it worth investigating? What services and products do you offer? Why do your customers buy your product or service? What business problems does it solve? What differentiates your product from existing products and services? Where do you fit in the market relative to your top competitors? When will you complete your next important milestones?

Where is this data coming from?

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