We are building the world's smartest source of market intelligence on the global impact economy to power decisions that matter.


Why we're here

We believe that accelerating the impact economy will power economic growth and solve the world’s most important social and environmental challenges.

In 2018, we looked across the global impact landscape and saw the world’s most important social and economic systems, such as education, healthcare and sustainability, forced to make critical decisions and trade-offs without sufficiently dedicated, trusted or global market intelligence.

The stakes have never been higher, nor the opportunity greater. Governments, academia, firms and investors around the world need relevant, trusted and globally connected intelligence to inform decisions and actions that impact humanity.

We saw a need for a different kind of technology to power decisions that matter, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded HolonIQ.


Holon (philosophy). ὅλον. An evolving and self organizing system. Where each holon is simultaneously a whole and part of something bigger.

Our Values

We first wrote these four values when we started HolonIQ. Not for marketing purposes, but to describe how we aspired every day to operate and list the behaviors we thought it would take to build the world’s smartest source of global intelligence.


Interested in everything around us and how to make it better.


We work together always.


We approach even hard situations with a smile.


Constantly pushing the boundaries of what has been done before.

Open Source. Community-Driven Projects.

Our research team applies HolonIQ’s people, products, and resources to lead and support initiatives dedicated to the future of education.

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Digital Capability Framework

Higher Education Digital Capability Framework – An open-source capability framework for higher education across 4 dimensions, 16 domains and 70+ capabilities.


Global Learning Landscape

An open source taxonomy for the future of education. Mapping the learning and talent innovation landscape.

GEO Report v15 - Report

Education in 2030

Education in 2030 is a free 60 page report that deep dives through the four drivers of the global expansion in education and identifies 5 Scenarios for the Future of Learning and Talent. Methodology for developing the scenarios is explained and over 100 charts and tables are provided with sources and references for further research.

Where is this data coming from?

HolonIQ is the world's leading impact intelligence platform. We support governments, institutions, firms and investors, with data insights to power decisions that matter. If you are not already a client, request a demo to learn more about our platform.
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Join HolonIQ

With Team Members in Boston, Beijing, Kolkata, London, Oxford and Sydney as well as research partners on every continent, HolonIQ’s team focuses on leveraging our analytics capabilities to generate insights and solve complex strategic problems for education leaders around the world.