Our mission is simple. Connect the world with the technology, skills and capital to transform education.


Holon (philosophy). ὅλον. An evolving and self organizing system. Where each holon is simultaneously a whole and a part of something bigger.

One billion learners at three million schools, colleges and universities around the world are depending on innovation to prepare them for the jobs of the future. However, the overwhelming majority of institutions are unable to innovate fast enough to deliver on this mission.

Through a machine learning platform and global network of partners, we connect the entire learning to work spectrum with the technology, skills and capital to innovate. We help teachers, leaders and entrepreneurs thrive and enable investors to participate in their growth.

The result is significantly more innovation, accelerating the transformation of education and providing dramatically improved access, affordability and outcomes for learners everywhere.

And we're just getting started.


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HolonIQ was founded by Maria Spies and Patrick Brothers who together bring decades of experience in education, technology, innovation and investment. Maria and Patrick have worked globally in the public and private sector and with multi-lateral institutions such as the World Economic Forum and G20 Human Capital Task Force.

Maria and Patrick are focused on powering innovation in learning and education. The team believe that the development of human capital is one of the world’s most fundamental and critical challenges over the coming decade. HolonIQ was developed to support this objective by connecting the world with the data, skills and capital to transform education.